4758 Chemical Dependency Professionals Board

Chapter 4758-1 Administrative Rules.

Chapter 4758-2 Definitions.

Chapter 4758-3 Fees.

Chapter 4758-4 Application for Licensure or Certification.

Chapter 4758-5 Licensure and Certification Requirements.

Chapter 4758-6 Scope of Practice.

Chapter 4758-8 Code of Ethical Practice and Professional Conduct.

Chapter 4758-10 Disciplinary Actions.

Chapter 4758-11 Treatment of Impaired Practitioners.

Chapter 4758-13 Continuing Education and License Renewal.

Chapter 4758-14 Master's Accreditation.

Chapter 4758-15 Reciprocity.

Chapter 4758-16 Grandparenting Provisions.

Chapter 4758-17 Active Duty Service Member Spouses.

Chapter 4758-20 Personal Information Systems.

Chapter 4758-99 Severability Provisions.