4758-5-10 Requirements for certification of Ohio prevention consultant (OCPC).

(A) To be certified as a prevention consultant, an individual shall complete the following:

(1) Submission of formal application.

(2) A bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited educational institution.

(3) Six thousand hours of documented compensated work experience in prevention, including at least four thousand hours of administering or supervising the services.

(4) One hundred twenty practical experience hours. A minimum of ten hours shall be completed in each of the following performance domains:

(a) Planning and evaluation

(b) Prevention education and service delivery

(c) Communication

(d) Community organization

(e) Public policy and environmental change

(f) Professional growth and responsibility

(g) The remaining seventy hours may be completed in any domain as deemed appropriate by the applicant.

(5) One hundred twenty hours of prevention related education of which fifty per cent shall have been obtained within the last five years and twenty-four hours shall be alcohol and other drug prevention specific. The required content areas with the specific contact hours are as follows:

(a) Domain I: planning and evaluation (three hours)

(b) Domain II: prevention education and service delivery (three hours)

(c) Domain III: communication (three hours)

(d) Domain IV: community organization (three hours)

(e) Domain V: public policy and environmental change (three hours)

(f) Domain VI: professional growth and responsibility ( forty hours)

(i) Prevention-specific ethics education (six hours)

(ii) Cultural competency (three hours)

(g) The remaining hours may be distributed among these areas at the applicant's discretion.

(6) Ninety hours of administrative or supervisory education. The required content areas with the specific content hours are as follow:

(a) At least three semester credit hours or forty-five clock hours in human resource management;

(b) At least three semester credit hours or forty-five clock hours in fiscal management.

(7) Successful completion of the IC&RC prevention specialist (PS) examination.

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Effective: 3/24/2017
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Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4758.20
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