Lawriter - OAC - 4759-3-01 Duties of board members.

4759-3-01 Duties of board members.

(A) Chairman:

(1) The chairman shall preside at all board meetings at which the chairman attends and perform all duties prescribed by law or board regulations; and

(2) The chairman is authorized by the board to make minor decisions regarding board activities in order to facilitate the responsiveness and effectiveness of the board.

(B) Vice chairman:

(1) The vice chairman shall perform the duties of the chairman if the chairman is absent or disabled; and

(2) If the office of chairman becomes vacant, the vice chairman will serve until a successor is elected.

(C) Board members:

The policy of the board is that members shall attend regular and special meetings as scheduled, and shall be compensated on a per diem basis when attending meetings or conducting official business for the agency.

(D) Election of officers:

Election of officers shall be conducted in accordance with the calendar year.

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