4761-4-02 Monitoring of Ohio respiratory care educational programs by the education committee of the Ohio respiratory care board.

(A) Annually, each respiratory care educational program in Ohio shall submit proof of compliance with the accreditation standards developed by the commission on accreditation for respiratory care (CoARC) or their successor organization(s). At minimum, Ohio respiratory care programs shall provide the following:

(1) A copy of the annual report submitted to CoARC.

(2) A copy of CoARC's response letter.

(3) A copy of any plan of corrective action for program deficiencies issued by CoARC in response to an official site visit or annual report.

(B) Each respiratory care program in Ohio shall also annually submit a current letter of good standing issued by CoARC.

(C) The board shall form an education committee consisting of at least two members from the board. The education committee shall be responsible for monitoring educational policy and issues affecting respiratory care educational programs in Ohio and reporting such matters to the board. The education committee shall also review documentation filed by Ohio respiratory care educational programs in accordance with paragraph (A) of this rule. The committee shall address any matters of concern with programs and annually file a compliance report with the board. If matters of concern are unresolved, the education committee may survey and investigate a respiratory care educational program. Survey and investigation findings shall be reported to the board. The board may contract independent expert services as needed to assist the education committee meets it responsibilities under this rule.

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Effective: 03/31/2014
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