4765 State Board of Emergency Medical Services

Chapter 4765-1 Definitions

Chapter 4765-2 Public Notices and Meetings

Chapter 4765-3 Regional Physician Advisory Boards

Chapter 4765-4 Reporting Delivery of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care

Chapter 4765-5 Grants

Chapter 4765-6 EMT Curriculums

Chapter 4765-7 Accreditation of Training Programs

Chapter 4765-8 Certificate to Teach or Practice; Continuing Education

Chapter 4765-9 Ethical Standards of Conduct

Chapter 4765-10 Complaints

Chapter 4765-11 [Rescinded]

Chapter 4765-12 First Responder Certification

Chapter 4765-13 Reporting Standards for EMS Incidence Reports

Chapter 4765-14 Trauma Triage

Chapter 4765-15 EMT-Basics

Chapter 4765-16 EMT-Intermediates

Chapter 4765-17 EMT-Paramedics

Chapter 4765-18 EMS Training and Continuing Education Programs

Chapter 4765-19 Emergency Medical Services Continuing Education

Chapter 4765-20 Fire Service Training Programs

Chapter 4765-21 Fire Instructor Training Programs

Chapter 4765-22 Professional Standards

Chapter 4765-23 Disciplinary Actions

Chapter 4765-24 Chartering of Firefighter, Fire Safety Inspector and Instructor Training Programs

Chapter 4765-25 Definitions