4765-17-01 Paramedic curriculum prior to September 2012.

(A) Prior to September 1, 2012, an EMS training program for a certificate to practice as a paramedic or an paramedic refresher program shall be conducted in accordance with the curriculum as set forth in this rule or in rule 4765-17-04 of the Administrative Code. An EMS training program for a certificate to practice as a paramedic or a paramedic refresher program starting on or after September 1, 2012, shall be conducted in accordance with rule 4765-17-04 of the Administrative Code.

(B) A training program for a certificate to practice as a paramedic shall be in accordance with division (E) of section 4765.16 of the Revised Code, and shall follow the United States department of transportation (USDOT) "1998 Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic: National Standard Curriculum," which can be located in the curriculum portion of the EMS web site at http://ems.ohio.gov/ems_education.stm. Such program shall be between six hundred and eight hundred hours, allocated as follows:

(1) Two hundred to two hundred seventy hours shall be devoted to the didactic portion of the course;

(2) Four hundred to five hundred thirty hours shall be devoted to lab, clinical, and field training;

(3) A ten percent adjustment between didactic and lab, clinical, and field training hours is permitted.

(C) If the advisory board of an accredited training program approves the supplemental modules in the USDOT national standard curriculum, the training program may be increased with approval of the EMS board.

(D) A paramedic refresher course shall consist of forty-eight hours according to the "Ohio EMT-Paramedic Refresher Curriculum" (January, 2004) objectives approved by the board, which can ne found at http://ems.ohio.gov/ems_education.stm, for the number of hours listed in each of the following subject areas:

(1) Twelve hours on pediatric issues;

(2) Eight hours on trauma issues, two of which must pertain to triage and transportation determination pursuant to rule 4765-14-02 of the Administrative Code;

(3) Ten hours on medical emergencies;

(4) Four hours on geriatric issues;

(5) Six hours on cardiology;

(6) Four hours on airway and ventilation;

(7) Two hours on EMS operations;

(8) Two hours on obstetrics and gynecology.

(E) An accredited or approved institution offering an EMS training program or refresher program , as outlined in paragraphs (B), (C) and (D) of this rule, shall provide for regular evaluation of student performance and achievement through written and practical testing, prior to issuance of a certificate of completion.

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Effective: 10/18/2013
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