Lawriter - OAC - 4765-5-05 Grant restrictions and requirements.

4765-5-05 Grant restrictions and requirements.

[Comment: For dates and availability of material incorporated by reference in this chapter of the Administrative Code, see rule 4765-5-01 of the Administrative Code.]

(A) Grant funds shall be used for activities or purchases related to the board approved grant project.

(1) Activities and purchases made or obligated prior to the training and equipment grant cycle shall not be reimbursable.

(2) Activities and purchases made or obligated prior to the research grant agreement shall not be reimbursable.

(B) Unless otherwise expressly waived by the division, training and equipment grants are subject to all expenditure restrictions defined in the "Training and Equipment Grant Application Priority 1" form.

(C) All purchased equipment under the training and equipment grant shall be used for the primary purpose of providing emergency medical services to Ohio residents.

(D) Equipment may be purchased with research grant funds provided that the equipment will be retained by the grantee and used in accordance with the terms of the grant agreement for the useful life of the equipment.

(E) Grant funds shall only be expended by the recipient of the grant award. Failure to comply with this requirement shall be considered a misappropriation of funds and shall result in forfeiture of unexpended grant funds. The grantee shall repay any funds determined to have been inappropriately expended.

(F) A grantee who expends grant funds for purposes other than those authorized under this chapter and shall be subject to forfeiture of unexpended funds, repayment of any grant funds determined to have been used for an unauthorized purpose, and may be considered ineligible for funding in future grant cycles.

(G) The division may change a grant cycle as it determines necessary or appropriate; however, if doing so would extend the grant cycle beyond the biennium in which it commences, the division shall expressly condition the availability of grant funds in the subsequent biennium on any necessary appropriations or certifications by the Ohio general assembly and the office of budget and management.

(H) Any grant funds not expended or obligated on the final day of the grant cycle shall be remitted to the division within thirty days following the end of the grant cycle.

(I) A grantee who fails to remit unexpended grant funds made in advance, as provided in this rule, shall be considered ineligible for funding in future grant cycles until such time as unexpended funds are remitted to the division.

(J) All expenditures and disbursements of grant funds by a grantee shall be subject to generally accepted accounting principles.

(K) Any grantee suspected of misappropriating or improperly administering grant funds, or any grantee who fails to provide documentation of the purchase of training and/or equipment as requested by the division, will be investigated by the division and may be referred to the attorney general's office.

Replaces: Replaces part of former 4765-5-06

Effective: 1/15/2017
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 10/28/2016 and 11/30/2021
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4765.07, 4765.11
Rule Amplifies: 4765.07
Prior Effective Dates: 10/1/95, 2/22/99, 6/29/01, 1/13/02, 9/28/06, 02/06/2012