4765-6-02 General provisions.

(A) A training program for certification as a first responder. EMT-basic, EMT-intermediate, or EMT-paramedic shall meet all knowledge and skill objectives established by the board.

(B) The current national standard curriculum (NSC) as adopted by the United States department of transportation shall be used as a guideline for development of all EMS training curriculum.

(C) All EMS training programs shall be accredited or approved by the division pursuant to section 4765.15 of the Revised Code and this chapter, as directed by the board.

(D) All EMS training courses shall be taught by a person who holds a certificate to teach at the level appropriate for the course, pursuant to section 4765.16 of the Revised Code and this chapter.

(E) An accredited training program for EMT-intermediate or EMT-paramedic training with the approval of the program coordinator and program medical director may accept previous training of the student, by documenting the students competency in the objectives, as established by the board for the section that credit is given. The training program shall access the students competency through written and practical testing.

(1) Any student in an EMT-intermediate or EMT-paramedic training program given credit for previous training shall possess a certificate to practice as a EMT-basic issued by the board pursuant to section 4765.30 of the Revised Code prior to receiving credit for an EMT-intermediate or EMT-paramedic training program.

(2) No previous training credit shall be given to a student for certification as an EMT-basic or first responder.

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Statutory Authority: R.C. 4765.11

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Prior Effective Dates: 1/1/96, 2/22/99