4766-3-08 Vehicle inspections and equipment requirements.

[Comment: For dates and availability of material incorporated by reference in this chapter of the Administrative Code, see rule 4766-3-18 of the Administrative Code.]

(A) The board or its designee shall inspect all ambulettes for roadworthiness and for appropriate equipment as set forth in the "Ambulette Inspection" form.

(B) A permitted ambulette that is being used as an ambulette shall comply with the requirements of roadworthiness and the requirements set forth in the "Ambulette Inspection" form, which shall include carrying the following types of equipment:

(1) Fire extinguisher;

(2) Blanket;

(3) Disinfectants;

(4) Oxygen equipment;

(5) Isolation equipment; and

(6) First aid equipment.

(C) The name of the ambulette service shall be permanently affixed to each ambulette with letters being a minimum height of three inches on both sides and a minimum height of one and one half inches on the back.

If an ambulette service is under contract which requires other signage or if the ambulette service is operating under another name, each vehicle shall have permanently affixed lettering with a minimum height of one and one half inches on the rear and both sides of the vehicle that states:

(1) Owned and operated by [ambulette service's name]; or

(2) Operated by [ambulette service's name]; or

(3) Owned by [ambulette service's name].

(D) All violation notifications issued by the board or its designee shall be corrected. Each vehicle that receives a violation notification shall be placed out-of-service until:

(1) It passes reinspection by the board or its designee; or

(2) For seventy-two hour violation notifications, the violation has been corrected and the "Violation Notification" form is signed and returned to the division along with supporting documentation showing the violation has been corrected.

(E) Ambulette configuration:

(1) For vehicles in excess of twenty-two feet in length, the overhead clearance between the top of the door opening and the raised lift platform, or highest point of a ramp, shall be a minimum of sixty-eight inches. For vehicles of twenty-two feet in length or less, the overhead clearance between the top of the door opening and the raised lift platform, or highest point of a ramp, shall be a minimum of fifty-six inches;

(2) Each vehicle shall be specifically designed to transport one or more patients sitting in wheelchairs and have four point permanent fasteners to secure the wheelchair to the floor or side of the vehicle to prevent wheelchair movement;

(3) Each vehicle shall have safety restraints in the vehicle for the purpose of restraining the patient in the wheelchair;

(4) Each vehicle shall be equipped with a stable access ramp or hydraulic lift;

(5) Each vehicle shall have provisions for secure storage of removable equipment and passenger property in order to prevent projectile injuries to passengers and driver in the event of an accident. Containers and/or straps must be secured and permanently mounted to the vehicle and in proper working order. Elastic straps, such as bungee cords, are prohibited.

(F) Upon issuance of a vehicle permit, each licensed ambulette service shall apply the decal on the outside of the right rear window in accordance with division (B)(2) of section 4766.07 of the Revised Code on each ambulette.

The permit shall be unobstructed at all times.

(G) A permit is not transferable.

(H) The board or its designee may conduct routine unannounced inspections at any location of licensed ambulette service at any time, including night or weekend inspections to determine compliance with Chapter 4766. of the Revised Code and agency 4766 of the Administrative Code to include, but not limited to, ambulettes.

(I) A permitted ambulette shall maintain compliance with roadworthiness requirements set forth in this rule at any time it is used as an ambulette.

(J) Each permitted ambulette shall be free from dirt, stains, impurities, and/or foreign matter in driver's compartment and ambulette client compartments.

(K) Permitted ambulettes shall bear license plates issued as set forth in rule 4766-3-07 of the Administrative Code.

Replaces: Former 4766-3-08 and part of former 4766-3-10

Effective: 8/1/2017
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 03/15/2022
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4766.03
Rule Amplifies: 4766.03 , 4766.04, 4766.07
Prior Effective Dates: 08/18/2005, 04/16/2012