4766-5-22 Equipment for aircraft.

Air ambulances shall carry all equipment and supplies listed herein.

Disposable equipment is acceptable where applicable.

All equipment and supplies shall have current expiration dates where applicable.

(A) Isolation equipment:

(1) Four packaged kits or

(a) Isolation goggles and masks or mask/shield combination (four);

(b) Isolation gowns (four);

(c) Isolation gloves(four);

(2) High particulate filter washes (HEPA filter or N95 mask (four))-assorted sizes;

(3) Containers (bags) for infectious medical waste (four);

(4) Sharps container;

(5) Disinfectant/germicidal;

(6) Waterless hand cleaner.

(B) Airway equipment

(1) Complete set of oropharyngeal airway devices: adult, pediatric, and infant;

(2) Complete set of nasopharyngeal airway devices: adult, pediatric, and infant;

(3) Complete set of intubation equipment-adult, pediatric, and infant:

(a) Extra batteries and bulbs;

(b) Syringes, assorted sizes;

(c) Adult stylet;

(d) Pediatric stylet;

(e) Infant stylet;

(f) Adult magill forceps;

(g) Pediatric magill forceps;

(h) Booted hemostat or device appropriate clamp;

(i) Adult endotracheal tube set, one each: cuffed 6.0, 7.0, 8.0;

(j) Pediatric/infant endotracheal tube set, one each: cuffed or uncuffed 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5;

(k) Water soluble lubricant;

(l) Laryngoscope handle;

(m) Laryngoscope blades, curved and straight, sizes 0-1-2-3;

(n) End-tidal CO2 detector or capnometer;

(4) Advanced airway procedure kit, as applicable.

(C) Definitive equipment

(1) Approved medications;

(2) ECG monitor/defibrillator and appropriate pads:

(a) Adult;

(b) Pediatric;

(3) External pacemaker and pads;

(4) Pulse oximeter:

(a) Adult;

(b) Pediatric

(5) Doppler and gel;

(6) Inverter for a one hundred ten volt power source;

(7) Spare batteries as appropriate for powered medical devices;

(8) Ventilator.

(D) Bleeding/burns equipment

(1) Gauze pads;

(2) Sterile sponge pads;

(3) Universal trauma dressings.

(E) Suction equipment

(1) Wall mounted suction unit;

(2) Portable suction unit powered or hand operated;

(3) Hard tip suction;

(4) Soft tip suction catheters set:

(a) Adult sizes;

(b) Pediatric sizes;

(5) Suction tubing;

(6) Suction bags (package) or equivalent;

(7) 5, 6, 7 French suction catheter;

(8) Sterile gloves.

(F) Oxygen equipment

(1) Main oxygen (M tank or greater);

(2) Wall mounted oxygen gauge 0-15 L/min. minimum;

(3) Compressed air as appropriate;

(4) Portable oxygen unit-minimum "D" tanks;

(5) Portable variable flow regulator 0-15 L/min. minimum;

(6) Bag-valve-mask with reservoir one hundred per cent oxygen flow:

(a) Adult;

(b) Pediatric;

(7) Transparent oxygen masks, simple and non rebreather:

(a) Adult;

(b) Pediatric;

(8) Nasal cannulas:

(a) Adult;

(b) Pediatric;

(9) Oxygen connective tubing and appropriate adapters;

(10) Oxygen humidifier/nebulizer and appropriate connecting tubing;

(11) Infant bag valve mask;

(12) Infant oxygen mask.

(G) Adjunct equipment

(1) Trauma shears;

(2) Stethoscope:

(a) Adult;

(b) Pediatric;

(3) B/P cuffs:

(a) Neonatal;

(b) Pediatric;

(c) Adult;

(d) Large adult;

(4) Penlight;

(5) Flashlight;

(6) Tongue depressors;

(7) Patient cot with three straps;

(8) Patient hearing protection, rotorcraft air ambulance only;

(9) Assorted tape;

(10) Exam gloves;

(11) Obstetrical kit;

(12) Nasogastric tubes:

(a) Adult sizes;

(b) Pediatric sizes;

(13) Patient restraints;

(14) Hats for neonates;

(15) Chemical warming mattress if no isolette;

(16) Pediatric restraining system.

(H) Intravenous equipment

(1) Alcohol or betadine preps;

(2) IV administration sets:

IV infusion pump tubing;

(3) IV catheters and butterfly needles, assorted sizes 24-14;

(4) Intraosseous needles;

(5) Needles, assorted sizes;

(6) IV solutions, per protocol;

(7) Associated adjunct equipment:

(a) Invasive line set-up;

(b) Pressure bags;

(c) Survival kit.

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