4779-1-02 Notice of board meetings.

(A) Any person, organization, or representative of news media may ascertain the time and place of all regularly scheduled meetings of the board, and the time, place, and purpose of all special meetings of the board by any one of the following methods:

(1) Calling the board office during normal business hours (no collect calls will be accepted under any circumstance);

(2) Contacting the board with a written request for such notification and with a supply of six stamped self-addressed business size envelopes;

(3) Accessing the information posted on the board's website at http://opp.ohio.gov.

(B) The board shall maintain a list of all persons, organizations, and representatives of news media who have requested, in writing, notice of all meetings of the board. The board shall, no later than five days prior to each regular meeting, send by regular mail or electronic mail an agenda of the meeting to those persons. The board may assess a reasonable fee, not to exceed copying and mailing, for notices sent to persons in accordance with this rule.

(C) Notice of special meetings shall be as follows:

(1) If the special meeting is not of an emergency nature, the board shall notify all media representative on the list mandated in paragraph (B) of this rule by doing at least one of the following:

(a) Sending written notice, which must be sent by regular mail or electronic mail, no later than four calendar days prior to the day of the special meeting;

(b) Notifying representatives by telephone no later than twenty-four hours prior to the special meeting. Telephone notice shall be complete if a message has been left for the representative, or if, after reasonable effort, the board has been unable to provide telephone notice;

(2) In the event the special meeting is of an emergency nature, the board shall notify all media representatives on the list of the meeting by providing either the notice described in this rule or notifying the clerk of the State House press room. The notice shall be given as soon as possible, but need not be given twenty-four hours prior to the meeting.

(3) In giving the notice of special meetings as required by this rule, the board may rely on assistance provided by any member or employee of the board.

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Rule Amplifies: 119.03 ;Chapter 4779
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