4779-11-10 Settlements.

(A) Any matter which is the subject of a hearing, a notice of opportunity for hearing, or regarding a board investigation into compliance with Chapter 4779. of the revised Code or agency-level 4779 of the Administrative Code, may be settled at any time prior to initiation or completion of formal action under R.C. Chapter 119. by the board on the matter.

(B) A settlement shall be negotiated on behalf of the board by any board member designated to act as liaison for compliance/enforcement actions of the board. Such board member may provide sufficient instructions and guidance to staff and/or the board's assistant attorney general for such other representatives of the board to conduct negotiations in the board member's stead.

(C) A settlement agreement shall be in writing and shall be submitted for ratification to the board only after it has been subscribed to by respondent and/or respondent's attorney.

(D) A settlement agreement shall not be effective until the agreement is both ratified by the board and signed by respondent and the president of the board.

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 12/27/2012 and 10/01/2017
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4779.08
Rule Amplifies: 119.06, 119.09, 4779.08, 4779.28
Prior Effective Dates: 01/23/03