4901:1 Utilities

Chapter 4901:1-1 Utility Tariffs; Underground Utility Protection Service Registration

Chapter 4901:1-2 Protection of Underground Utility Facilities

Chapter 4901:1-3 Attachments to Utility Equipment or Rights of Way

Chapter 4901:1-4 Alternative Regulations for Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC)

Chapter 4901:1-5 Furnishing of Intrastate Telecommunications Service by Local Exchange Companies

Chapter 4901:1-6 Retail Telecommunication Services

Chapter 4901:1-7 Local Exchange Carriers

Chapter 4901:1-8 9-1-1 Service Program

Chapter 4901:1-9 Metering Options

Chapter 4901:1-10 Electric Companies

Chapter 4901:1-11 Electric Fuel Component Rate

Chapter 4901:1-12 Ohio Coal Research and Development Rate

Chapter 4901:1-13 Gas Companies

Chapter 4901:1-14 Uniform Purchased Gas Adjustment Clause

Chapter 4901:1-15 Waterworks Companies and Sewage Disposal System Companies

Chapter 4901:1-16 Gas Pipeline Safety

Chapter 4901:1-17 Establishment of Credit for Residential Service

Chapter 4901:1-18 Termination of Residential Service

Chapter 4901:1-19 Alternative Rate Plan; Exemptions

Chapter 4901:1-20 Transition Plan of Electric Utility

Chapter 4901:1-21 Competitive Retail Electric Service Providers

Chapter 4901:1-22 Interconnection Services

Chapter 4901:1-23 Electric Reliability, Customer Service and Safety

Chapter 4901:1-24 Certification of CRES Providers

Chapter 4901:1-25 Market Monitoring

Chapter 4901:1-26 Dispute Resolution

Chapter 4901:1-27 Certification of Governmental Aggregators and Retail Natural Gas Suppliers

Chapter 4901:1-28 Aggregation with Prior Consent

Chapter 4901:1-29 Minimum Standards for Competitive Retail Natural Gas Service

Chapter 4901:1-30 Reporting Requirements

Chapter 4901:1-31 Opening Areas to Competition

Chapter 4901:1-32 Determination of Allowable Capacity and Commodity Costs

Chapter 4901:1-33 Not-for-Profit Customer Declarations of Mercantile Status

Chapter 4901:1-34 Noncompliance

Chapter 4901:1-35 Electric Distribution Utility (EDU)

Chapter 4901:1-36 Transmission Cost Recovery Rider

Chapter 4901:1-37 Electric Utility and Affiliates

Chapter 4901:1-38 Arrangements

Chapter 4901:1-39 Energy Efficiency Programs

Chapter 4901:1-40 Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard

Chapter 4901:1-41 Greenhouse Gas Reporting and Carbon Dioxide Control Planning

Chapter 4901:1-42 Review of Green Pricing Programs

Chapter 4901:1-43 Recovery of Infrastructure Development Costs