4901:2 Motor Carriers

Chapter 4901:2-1 Motor Carrier Tax Payment Annual Reports, Records.

Chapter 4901:2-3 Augmenting and Interchanging Equipment.

Chapter 4901:2-5 Safety Standards.

Chapter 4901:2-6 Hazardous Materials Carriers Registration.

Chapter 4901:2-7 Forfeitures and Compliance Orders.

Chapter 4901:2-8 Highway Routing of Non-Radioactive Hazardous Materials.

Chapter 4901:2-9 Fees for Shipping Radioactive Material.

Chapter 4901:2-11 Passenger Tariffs and Time Schedules.

Chapter 4901:2-13 Insurance.

Chapter 4901:2-15 Registration of Motor Carriers Operating Under Authority Issued by the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Chapter 4901:2-17 Registration of Motor Carriers Exempt from the Authority of the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Chapter 4901:2-19 Common Carriers Engaged in the Transportation of Household Goods.

Chapter 4901:2-21 Registration of Intrastate Motor Carriers.