4901:5 Division of Forecasting

Chapter 4901:5-1 Long-Term Forecast Reports Generally.

Chapter 4901:5-3 Filing of Long-Term Forecast Reports; Fees.

Chapter 4901:5-5 Electric Utility Forecast Reports.

Chapter 4901:5-7 Gas and Natural Gas Forecast Reports.

Chapter 4901:5-17 Governor's Emergency Powers.

Chapter 4901:5-19 Fuel Emergency.

Chapter 4901:5-21 Coal Allotment.

Chapter 4901:5-23 Coal Emergency.

Chapter 4901:5-25 Gas Emergency.

Chapter 4901:5-29 Heating Oil and Propane Emergency.

Chapter 4901:5-33 Transportation Fuel Emergency.

Chapter 4901:5-35 Application for Assignment Under State Set-Aside System.

Chapter 4901:5-37 Emergency Reporting by Electric Utilities.