4901-1-08 Practice before the commission, representation of corporations, and designation of counsel of record.

(A) Except as otherwise provided in section 4901.14 of the Revised Code and paragraphs (B), (C), (D), and (E) of this rule, each party not appearing in propria persona shall be represented by an attorney-at-law authorized to practice before the courts of this state. Corporations must be represented by an attorney-at-law.

(B) Persons authorized to practice law in other jurisdictions may be permitted to appear before the commission in a particular proceeding, upon motion of an attorney of this state.

(C) Certified legal interns may appear before the commission under the direction of a supervising attorney, in accordance with rule II of the "Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar" of Ohio. No legal intern shall participate in a commission hearing in the absence of the supervising attorney without the written consent of the supervising attorney and the approval of the commission or the presiding hearing officer.

(D) If a prehearing conference is scheduled to discuss settlement of the issues in a complaint case, any person with the requisite authority to settle the issues in the case may represent a party at the conference.

(E) In cases involving complaints filed under section 4905.26 of the Revised Code, where there are numerous complainants who are not represented by counsel and whose interests are substantially similar, the commission, the legal director, the deputy legal director, or the attorney examiner assigned to the case may permit or require the designation of a spokesperson who shall examine witnesses, enter objections, and file all pleadings or papers on behalf of the complainants or petitioners.

(F) Where a party is represented by more than one attorney, one of the attorneys shall be designated as the "counsel of record," who shall have principal responsibility for the party's participation in the proceeding. The designation "counsel of record" shall appear following the name of that attorney on all pleadings or papers submitted on behalf of the party.

(G) No attorney shall withdraw from a commission proceeding without prior written notice to the commission and serving a copy of the notice upon the parties to the proceeding.

Effective: 05/07/2007
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 02/20/2007 and 09/30/2010
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 4901.13
Rule Amplifies: 4901.13 , 4901.18
Prior Effective Dates: 3/1/81, 12/25/87, 4/4/96, 7/7/97, 4/20/01