4901:1-10-17 Payment schedule and disconnection procedures for nonpayment by nonresidential customers.

(A) A nonresidential customer's bill for tariffed services shall not be due earlier than twenty-one calendar days from the date of the postmark on the bill. If the bill is not paid by the due date, it then becomes past due.

(B) The utility may disconnect service, after at least five days notice, during normal business hours. However, no disconnection for nonpayment shall be made after twelve-thirty p.m. on the day preceding a day on which all services necessary for the customer to arrange and the utility company to perform reconnection are not regularly performed.

(C) Except as otherwise provided by contract approved by the commission pursuant to section 4905.31 of the Revised Code, each electric utility shall provide the nonresidential customer with a written notice of pending disconnection for non-payment of tariffed service, which notice shall be postmarked not less than five calendar days before service is disconnected .

(D) The disconnection notice shall clearly display each of the following items:

(1) The delinquent billing account number, total amount past due, reconnection charge, and any security deposit owed.

(2) The earliest date when disconnection may occur.

(3) The address and phone number of the electric utility's office for customers to contact about their accounts.

(4) A statement that the staff is available to render assistance with unresolved complaints, and the commission's current address, toll-free and TTY numbers of the commission's call center, and the commission's website.

(5) A statement that the customer's failure to pay the amount required at the electric utility's office or to one of its authorized agents by the date specified in the notice may result in a security deposit and in a charge for reconnection, together with the amount of the reconnection charge.

(6) If any non-tariffed charges appear on the bill, a statement that the nonpayment of non-tariffed charge(s) shall not result in the disconnection of distribution service;

(7) If any charges for competitive retail electric services appear on the bill, a statement that the failure to pay charges for competitive retail electric services may result in loss of those products and services.

(8) If any charges for competitive retail electric services appear on the bill a statement that the failure to pay charges for competitive retail electric service may result in cancellation of the customer's contract with the competitive retail electric service provider, and returning of the customer to the electric utility's standard offer for generation services.

The information required by this paragraph may be included in documents accompanying the disconnection notice.

Effective: 12/20/2014
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 09/30/2014 and 09/30/2019
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 4905.22, 4905.04, 4928.06, 4928.11
Rule Amplifies: 4928.11 , 4905.06, 4905.22
Prior Effective Dates: 7/1/99, 9/18/00, 1/1/04 , 6/29/09