4901:1-14-05 Gas cost recovery rate.

(A) The gas cost recovery rate equals:

(1) The gas or natural gas company's expected gas cost for the upcoming quarter, or other period as approved by the commission, pursuant to paragraph (K) of rule 4901:1-14-01 of the Administrative Code, plus or minus;

(2) The supplier refund and reconciliation adjustment, which reflects:

(a) Refunds received from the gas or natural gas company's interstate pipeline suppliers or other suppliers or service providers plus ten per cent annual interest; and

(b) Adjustments ordered by the commission following hearings held pursuant to rule 4901:1-14-08 of the Administrative Code, plus ten per cent annual interest, plus or minus;

(3) The actual adjustment, which compensates for differences between the previous quarter's, or other commission-approved period's, expected gas cost and the actual cost of gas during that period, plus or minus; and

(4) The balance adjustment, which compensates for any under- or over collections which have occurred as a result of prior adjustments, plus or minus.

(B) The gas cost recovery rate shall be calculated on a companywide basis, except as provided in paragraph (C) of this rule, in accordance with the appendix to this rule.

(C) The commission may, upon the request of any party or upon its own initiative, permit the company to calculate different gas cost recovery rates for different geographical areas. In determining whether to do so, the commission shall consider:

(1) Whether the geographical areas involved are contiguous;

(2) Whether the cost of obtaining gas for each of the geographical areas involved can be separately identified;

(3) The manner in which the geographical areas involved have been treated in the past; and

(4) Such other factors as the commission considers appropriate.

Appendix Gas Cost Recovery Rate Calculation

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