4901:1-20-08 Settlement Conference.

Within sixty days of the filing of a transition plan (as well as supporting direct expert testimony) pursuant to section 4928.31 of the Revised Code, the legal director, deputy legal director, or attorney examiner will hold a second conference at which settlement will be explored. Given the large number of interested parties anticipated and in the interest of expediting meaningful settlement discussions, the parties shall be prepared to present at the settlement conference the issues they consider critical to settlement. In the event that settlement is not reached for all issues associated with the transition plan, the parties will immediately thereafter discuss procedural matters with the attorney examiner assigned to the case. Such procedural matters may include: A discussion of the aspects of the plan upon which the commission should afford an evidentiary hearing, the evidentiary hearing date, identity of witnesses to be presented at the evidentiary hearing, possible admissions or stipulations of uncontested matters, clarification of issues, other appropriate procedural matters, and any other procedures that will expedite the case.

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 08/02/2004 and 11/30/2008

Promulgated Under: 111.15

Statutory Authority: 4928.06

Rule Amplifies: 4928.32(C)

Prior Effective Dates: 3/10/00