4901:1-22-04 General provisions.

(A) Prohibitions

(1) In accordance with the electric distribution utility's (EDU) code of conduct adopted pursuant to section 4928.17 of the Revised Code, an EDU or its affiliates shall not use, without the customer's consent, such knowledge of proposed interconnection service to prepare competing proposals to the interconnection service that offer either discounted rates in return for not providing the interconnection service or competing generation.

(2) No EDU shall reject, penalize, or discourage the use or development of new technology for interconnection service in accordance with division (A) of section 4928.11 of the Revised Code.

(B) Application processing

(1) EDUs shall process all applications for interconnection service and parallel operation with the EDU's system in a nondiscriminatory manner and in the order in which they are received.

(2) Where minor modifications to a pending application are required during the EDU's review of the application, such minor modifications shall not require a new or separate application to be filed by the applicant.

(3) The EDU shall automatically provide each applicant with a written notice of the EDU's receipt of an application within three business days after the application has been received. The notice of receipt shall include the following:

(a) A copy of the applicable review process.

(b) A target date for processing the application.

(4) If the EDU determines that the application is incomplete, the EDU personnel identified as being responsible for reviewing the application must provide the following:

(a) A written notice within ten business days after the application has been received indicating that the application is not complete.

(b) A checklist or description of the information needed to complete the application.

(c) A statement that processing the application cannot begin until the needed information is received.

(5) If an EDU determines that it cannot connect the applicant's facility within the time frames stated in this chapter, it will notify the applicant in writing of that fact within ten business days after the application has been received. The notification must include the following:

(a) The reason or reasons interconnection service could not be performed within the time frames stated in this rule.

(b) An alternative date for interconnection service.

(C) Compliance with national industry standards

An EDU shall file tariffs for uniform interconnection service with the commission that are consistent with the following:

(1) The institute of electric and electronics engineers 1547 standard, effective as set forth in rule 4901:1-22-03 of the Administrative Code.

(2) Underwriters laboratory 1741 standard for inverters, converters, and controllers for use in independent power systems, effective as set forth in rule 4901:1-22-03 of the Administrative Code.

(3) The appropriate criteria and interconnection parameters for the customer's technology, so as not to impose technical and economic barriers to new technology or the development, installation, and interconnection of an applicant's facilities, pursuant to division (A) of section 4928.11 of the Revised Code.

(D) Metering

Any metering installation, testing, or recalibration performed by the EDU at the request of the applicant for installation of the applicant's distributed generation facility shall be provided consistent with the electric service and safety standards pursuant to Chapter 4928. of the Revised Code, and rule 4901:1-10-05 and , as applicable, paragraph (C) of rule 4901:1-10-28 of the Administrative Code. Interconnection requested by the applicant for the purposes of net metering must follow the commission's net metering rules promulgated pursuant to division (A)(31) of section 4928.01 of the Revised Code. Any exception to the net metering rules shall be implemented in accordance with any special metering or communication infrastructure ordered by the commission.

(E) Disposal of excess energy produced by the applicant's distributed generation

(1) An applicant proposing to install a self-generator as defined in division (A)(32) of section 4928.01 of the Revised Code for the purposes of selling excess electricity to retail electric service providers as a competitive service to the extent not preempted by federal law must first seek certification of managerial, technical and financial capability consistent with section 4928.08 of the Revised Code.

(2) An applicant requesting interconnection for the purpose of selling energy to any party as a sale for resale or as a wholesale transaction may be subject to applicable rules for regional interstate sales at wholesale prices in markets operated by independent transmission system operators or regional transmission operators under the jurisdiction of the federal energy regulatory commission.

(F) Construction or system upgrades of the EDU's system

(1) Where construction or system upgrades of the EDU's system are required by the applicant's installation of a distributed generation facility, the EDU shall provide the applicant with an estimate of the timetable and the applicant's cost for the construction or system upgrades, consistent with the provisions of this chapter.

(2) If the applicant desires to proceed with the construction or system upgrades, the applicant and EDU shall enter into a contract for the completion of the construction or system upgrades.

(3) Interconnection service shall take place no later than two weeks following the completion of such construction or system upgrades.

Effective: 06/29/2009
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 09/30/2012
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Statutory Authority: 4928.06
Rule Amplifies: 4928.11
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