4901:1-6-25 Withdrawal of telecommunications services.

(A) Except as provided in paragraphs (B), (D), and (E) of this rule, a telephone company may cease offering any telecommunications service, by providing a notice of withdrawal of such service or services.

(1) Notice, consistent with rule 4901:1-6-07 of the Administrative Code, shall be provided to all affected customers, and the chief of the telecommunications division of the utilities department and the chief of the reliability and service analysis division of the service monitoring and enforcement department at least thirty days prior to the effective date that the telephone company will cease providing a specific telecommunications service.

(2) At least thirty days prior to withdrawal of a specific telecommunications service, a telephone company shall provide written notice of its intent to cease providing service to its wholesale customers and to any telephone company wholesale provider of its services, if applicable.

(B) Withdrawal of basic local exchange service (BLES)

(1) A competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) shall not discontinue offering BLES within an exchange(s) without filing a zero-day notice filing (ZTA) to withdraw such service or services from its tariff. CLECs must include with the notice filing the actual customer notice and an affidavit verifying that this customer notice has been provided to affected customers at least thirty days prior to the effective date that the CLEC will cease providing BLES.

(2) A CLEC ceasing to offer BLES shall return all deposits, including applicable interest, to its customers who do not convert to another service with the CLEC, no later than ninety days after filing its withdrawal notice filing unless a court of competent jurisdiction orders otherwise.

(3) At least thirty days prior to withdrawal of BLES, a CLEC shall provide written notice of its intent to cease providing service, to any telephone company from which the applicant obtains wholesale services, if applicable.

(4) An incumbent local exchange carrier shall not discontinue providing BLES without complying with the provisions of rule 4901:1-6-27 of the Administrative Code.

(C) A local exchange carrier proposing to withdraw telecommunications service(s) within an exchange or other geographical area shall provide a list of its assigned area code prefix(es) or thousand block(s). Such information shall also include any proposed dates or timelines, due to its withdrawal of such telecommunications service(s), wherein the telephone company's area code prefix(es) or thousand block(s) would be reassigned to another carrier and/or returned to the North American numbering plan administrator or pooling administrator. This requirement does not apply where the telecommunications service(s) to be withdrawn does not require the assignment of telephone numbers, or the use of such telephone numbers will continue to be required for other services provided by the local exchange carrier.

(D) Withdrawal of tariffed services other than BLES

A telephone company may not cease offering any services required to be tariffed pursuant to paragraphs (A)(1)(b) to (A)(1)(i) of rule 4901:1-6-11 of the Administrative Code, without first filing an application to withdraw such service(s) from its tariff, using the most up-to-date telecommunications filing form, and without obtaining prior commission approval. Such an application shall be designated under a TP-UNC case purpose code and shall not be subject to an automatic approval process.

(E) Interconnection and resale agreements approved under the Telecommunications Act of 1996 are subject to the terms of the agreements, federal law, and Chapter 4901:1-7 of the Administrative Code.

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Effective: 01/20/2011
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