4906-7-03 Parties.

(A) The parties to a board proceeding concerning an application for a certificate shall include:

(1) Any person who files an application or a petition for a jurisdictional determination.

(2) Any person who is designated as the subject of a board investigation.

(3) Any person granted leave to intervene under rule 4906-7-04 of the Administrative Code.

(4) Any other person expressly made a party by order of the board or administrative law judge.

(B) If any owner of a major utility facility is operated by a receiver or trustee, the receiver or trustee shall also be made a party.

(C) Except for purposes of rules 4906-7-05, 4906-7-06, paragraph (C) of rule 4906-7-07, paragraph (I) of rule 4906-7-07, and rules 4906-7-09, 4906-7-11, 4906-7-12, 4906-7-14, 4906-7-15, and 4906-7-16 of the Administrative Code, the board staff shall not be considered a party to any proceeding.

Eff 12-27-76; 6-10-89; 8-28-98; 12-15-03
Rule promulgated under: RC 111.15
Rule authorized by: RC 4906.03
Rule amplifies: RC 4906.08, 4906.03, 4903.22
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 11/10/2008 and 09/30/2013