4906-7-16 Administrative law judge reports and exceptions thereto.

(A) If ordered by the board the administrative law judge shall prepare a written report of his or her findings, conclusions, and recommendations following the conclusion of the hearing. Such report shall be filed with the board and served upon all parties.

(B) Any party may file exceptions to a an administrative law judge's report within twenty days after such report is filed with the board. Exceptions shall be stated and numbered separately, and shall be accompanied by a memorandum in support, setting forth the basis of the exceptions and citations of any authorities relied upon. If any exception relates to one or more findings of fact, the memorandum in support should, where practicable, include specific citations to any portions of the record relied upon in support of the exception.

(C) Any party may file a reply to another party's exceptions within fifteen days after the service of those exceptions.

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 11/10/2008 and 09/30/2013

Promulgated Under: 111.15

Statutory Authority: 4906.03

Rule Amplifies: 4906.12, 4906.03, 4903.22

Prior Effective Dates: 12/27/76, 7/7/80, 6/10/89, 8/28/98