5101:12-57-10.3 Selecting a health plan option.

(A) When the child support enforcement agency (CSEA) receives from the health plan administrator part B of the OMB 0970-0222, "National Medical Support Notice" (expiration date 02/29/2008), (NMSN) and information on health plan options, the CSEA shall:

(1) Issue the JFS 04035, "Notice of Available Health Plan Options" (rev. 02/2006), to the custodial parent or caretaker of the child; and

(2) Attach to the JFS 04035 all information regarding health plan options received from the health plan administrator.

(B) Within five days from the issuance date on the JFS 04035, the custodial parent or caretaker of the child is required to return to the CSEA the portion of the JFS 04035 documenting the health plan option selected by the custodial parent or caretaker of the child.

(C) Within twenty business days from the date the health plan administrator sends part B of the NMSN to the CSEA, the CSEA shall issue the JFS 04034, "Notice of Selection of Health Plan Option" (rev. 12/2005), to the health plan administrator and issue a copy to the custodial parent or caretaker of the child.

(D) When the health plan does not have a default option and the CSEA fails to notify the health plan administrator of the health care selection within twenty business days, the CSEA retains responsibility for selecting a health plan option for the child.

Replaces: Part of 5101:1-29- 35.2

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Statutory Authority: 3119.51
Rule Amplifies: 3125.03
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