5101:2 Division of Social Services

Chapter 5101:2-1 Children Services Definition of Terms

Chapter 5101:2-5 Child Services Agency Licensing Rules

Chapter 5101:2-7 Foster Care

Chapter 5101:2-9 Children's Residential Centers, Group Homes, and Residential Parenting Facilities

Chapter 5101:2-12 Licensing of Child Care Centers

Chapter 5101:2-13 Licensing Family Care Homes

Chapter 5101:2-14 Certified In-home Aides

Chapter 5101:2-15 Child Care Program Administration

Chapter 5101:2-16 Publicly Funded Child Care

Chapter 5101:2-17 Step up to quality (SUTQ) rating system

Chapter 5101:2-18 Child Day Camps

Chapter 5101:2-20 Adult Protective Services

Chapter 5101:2-23 Early Learning Initiative (ELI)

Chapter 5101:2-25 Title XX Social Services Program: Administration

Chapter 5101:2-33 Administrative Requirements

Chapter 5101:2-34 Reports of Alleged Child Abuse and Neglect

Chapter 5101:2-35 Central Registry Reports on Child Abuse and Neglect; Referral Procedures for Children's Protective Services

Chapter 5101:2-36 Screening and Investigation

Chapter 5101:2-37 Assessments

Chapter 5101:2-38 Case Planning and Reviews

Chapter 5101:2-39 Removals

Chapter 5101:2-40 Supportive Services

Chapter 5101:2-42 Substitute Care

Chapter 5101:2-44 State Adoption Subsidy Program

Chapter 5101:2-47 Title IV-E Foster Care Maintenance

Chapter 5101:2-48 Adoption

Chapter 5101:2-49 IV-E Adoption Assistance

Chapter 5101:2-50 Bridges

Chapter 5101:2-51 Adoption Assistance Connections

Chapter 5101:2-52 Interstate Placement of Children

Chapter 5101:2-53 Indian Child Welfare Act

Chapter 5101:2-54

Chapter 5101:2-57 PCSA Reviews