5101:2-12-40 Daily program for infants in licensed child care centers.

(A) Each infant shall be allowed to safely and comfortably sit, crawl, toddle, walk and play according to the infant's stage of development, in a designated space apart from the sleeping area each day.

(B) Cribs shall be separated from the play space by a safe and sturdy physical barrier which does not impair the ability of child care staff to supervise infants by sight and hearing. Sight and hearing is when the child care staff can see the infants in and out of their cribs and hear their sounds. The barrier shall provide for safe accessibility.

(C) The center shall develop and implement a program of activities suitable to the age and developmental abilities of the infants in care.

(1) Each infant shall be removed from the crib, swing, infant seat, or other equipment throughout the day for individual attention.

(2) Outdoor play shall be available according to the infant's stage of development. Outdoor play space used by the infants shall meet the requirements of rule 5101:2-12-14 of the Administrative Code.

(3) Equipment and play materials in sufficient quantities shall be available as specified in rule 5101:2-12-16 of the Administrative Code.

(D) The center shall maintain a daily written record that is given to parents or guardians each day for children up to eighteen months of age. The record shall include the following:

(1) Food intake.

(2) Sleeping patterns.

(3) Times and results of diaper changes.

(4) Information about daily activities.

(E) To assure continuity of care, the center shall assign one child care staff member to have primary responsibility for each group of infants in care during each staff daily shift.Parents or guardians shall be informed of the primary caregivers assigned to their infants. The center shall assure that any necessary information regarding an infant's care is exchanged between child care staff members and between staff members and parents.

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Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 5104.011
Rule Amplifies: 5104.011
Prior Effective Dates: 3/1/81, 2/8/82, 6/1/84, 9/1/86, 4/1/03, 9/1/07