5101:2-13-33 Management of illness in licensed type A homes.

(A) The type A home shall post and follow the JFS 08087 "Ohio Communicable Disease Chart" (rev. 9/2009) for appropriate management of suspected illnesses.

(1) The chart shall be posted in a location readily available to center staff and parents.

(2) The JFS 08087 with a revision date of either 4/2009 or 9/2009 shall be posted and followed.

(B) A child care staff member who has successfully completed current and valid training in the management of communicable diseases according to rule 5101:2-13-27 of the Administrative Code or one who has been trained in recognition of communicable diseases shall observe each child daily upon arrival at the type A home and before the child joins a group of children.

(C) The type A home shall immediately notify the parent or guardian of the child's condition if a child has been observed with signs or symptoms of illness.

(D) A child with any of the following signs or symptoms of illness shall be immediately isolated and discharged to his parent or guardian or person designated by the parent or guardian:

(1) Temperature of at least one hundred degrees Fahrenheit when in combination with any other sign or symptom of illness. Temperature shall be taken by the axillary (armpit) method with a digital thermometer. The thermometer shall be sanitized after each use.

(2) Diarrhea (three or more abnormally loose stools within a twenty-four hour period).

(3) Severe coughing, causing the child to become red or blue in the face or to make a whooping sound.

(4) Difficult or rapid breathing.

(5) Yellowish skin or eyes.

(6) Redness of the eye or eyelid, thick and purulent (pus) discharge, matted eyelashes, burning, itching or eye pain.

(7) Untreated infected skin patches, unusual spots or rashes.

(8) Unusually dark urine or gray or white stool.

(9) Stiff neck with elevated temperature.

(10) Evidence of untreated lice, scabies, or other parasitic infestations.

(11) Sore throat or difficulty in swallowing.

(12) Vomiting more than one time or when accompanied by any other sign or symptom of illness.

(E) All of the following apply to a child isolated due to suspected communicable disease. The child shall be:

(1) Within sight and hearing of an adult at all times.

(2) Cared for in another room or portion of a room away from other children.

(3) Provided with a cot and made comfortable. After use, the cot shall be sanitized with an appropriate sanitizing agent . If soiled with blood, feces, vomit or other body fluids, the cot shall be cleaned with hot soapy water and sanitized with an appropriate bleach solution which is prepared on a daily basis or other acceptable disinfectant solution which is rated by the environmental protection agency (EPA) as hospital disinfectant with a label claim for mycobactericidal activity.

(4) A school child may be made comfortable on a mat that shall be cleaned as indicated in paragraph (E)(3) of this rule.

(F) The type A home shall implement the following preventative practices for the management of communicable disease on a daily basis:

(1) The home shall ensure that all staff receive training in and follow the handwashing procedures pursuant to rule 5101:2-12-15.1 of the Administrative Code and sanitizing procedures as defined in rule 5101:2-13-15 of the Administrative Code. Employees shall also be provided with training on standard precautions as outlined in paragraph (E) of rule 5101:2-13-15.1 of the Administrative Code prior to working with children.

(2) The home shall release employees who have a communicable disease or who are unable to perform their duties due to illness.

(3) The type A home shall notify parents, within the next day of operation, when their child has been exposed to a communicable disease.

Effective: 11/22/2015
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 06/09/2015 and 11/22/2020
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 5104.017
Rule Amplifies: 5104.017
Prior Effective Dates: 9/5/86, 7/01/03, 9/1/05, 1/1/07, 7/1/10