5101:2-14-32 In-home aide responsibilities and assurances.

(A) The in-home aide (IHA) shall maintain a file with the following information:

(1) Child's name.

(2) Child's date of birth.

(3) Days of week and hours in child care.

(4) Date child care services began.

(5) Proposed ending date of child care services.

(B) The IHA shall not smoke in the home where child care is being provided.

(C) The IHA shall have immediate access at all times to a working telephone on the premises that is capable of receiving incoming calls and making outgoing calls.

(D) Children will nap/sleep in their own beds or cribs.

(E) Infants will be placed on their backs to sleep.

(F) The IHA shall provide daily outdoor play, weather permitting.

(G) Bottles will not be propped and formula/breast milk will be stored in accordance with the JFS 01642 "In-Home Aide Application and Assurances" (rev. 1/2014)

(H) Toilet training is based on the child's readiness, and is in consultation with the caretaker.

(I) When transporting children, the IHA shall not leave children unattended in a vehicle.

(J) The IHA shall have signed permission forms to transport children on a routine basis or for field trips. The permission form will include:

(1) Child's name.

(2) Destination.

(3) Date of trip(s).

(4) Time an dduration of the field trip.

(5) Caretaker's signature and date.

(K) The IHA shall not use or allow anyone in the home to use methods of discipline that will harm a child. These would include but are not limited to the prohibitied offenses listed in "Appendix A" to this rule.

(L) The IHA shall have the JFS 01297 "Child Enrollment and Health Information" (rev. 8/2008) on file for all of the children in care by the first day of care, including any child of the IHA. This record shall be reviewed and updated annually by the caretaker. Each IHA will set a policy regarding whether to provide child care services to children whose caretakers refuse to grant consent for transportation to the source of emergency treatment.

(M) The IHA shall have verification of a medical exam on file for each child in care, including any child of the IHA. Children who attend a grade of kindergarten and above in an elementary school are exempt from this requirement.

(1) A medical statement shall include the date of a medical examination within the past twelve months. This statement shall be on file at the home within thirty days of the child's date of admission and every thirteen months thereafter.

(2) The medical statement shall contain the following information:

(a) The child's name and birth date.

(b) The date of the medical examination.

(c) A statement that the child has been examined and is in suitable condition for participation in group care.

(d) The signature, business address and telephone number of the physician, physician's assistant (PA), advanced practice nurse (APN) or certified nurse practitioner (CNP) who examined the child.

(e) A record of the immunizations that the child has had, specifying the month, day and year of each immunization.

(f) A statement that the physician, PA, APN or CNP reviewed the child's record against the immunizations recommended by the Ohio department of health (ODH).

(g) A statement of any immunization exemptions.

(N) The IHA shall maintain daily written attendance records, indicating the hours of care provided for each child.

(O) Prior to administering any nonprescription or prescription medication, the IHA shall have written permission of the caretaker and physician as required, using the JFS 01644 "Permission to Administer Medication" (rev. 8/2008). When giving prescription medicine the IHA shall ensure the bottle has the child's name on it, the dosage and the name of the doctor who prescribed the medicine. The IHA shall ensure that when dispensing prescription medications to a child that the instructions of the physician who prescribed the medication are followed. The caretaker shall call the physician who prescribed medication for a child in his or her care to report all unfavorable or dangerous side effects from the use of the medication.

(P) The IHA shall provide nutritious, varied and appropriately timed meals and snacks for all children in accordance with the caretaker's wishes.

(Q) The IHA shall immediately contact the local child protective services agency when he or she suspects that a child receiving care has been or is at risk of being abused or neglected.

(R) The IHA shall contact the CDJFS by the next business day when the IHA discontinues caring for children.

(S) For any of the following adverse actions proposed by the county department of job and family services (CDJFS), the IHA may submit a written request for a county appeal review to the CDJFS no later than fifteen calendar days after the mailing date of the CDJFS notification of the proposed adverse action.

(1) Denial of an application for certification.

(2) A decision made on an inspection or complaint investigation.

(3) Proposal to revoke a certificate.

(4) Notice that a certificate will not be renewed.

(5) Notificaiton of action to recover an overpayment.

Replaces: Part of rules 5101:2-14-19, 5101: 2-14-20 and 5101:2-14-22

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