5101:2-18-23 Medical emergency procedures in approved child day camps.

(A) The approved child day camp shall have a written plan for medical emergencies. The written plan shall require immediate notification of the parent or guardian in the event of any accident, injury or illness that requires medical treatment and shall include plans for the transportation of the child to the source of medical care treatment, if necessary.

(B) The written plan shall be reviewed annually by a physician or advance practice nurse (APN). Documentation of such review shall be available for review by the Ohio department of job and family services (ODJFS).

(C) The medical emergency plan shall state, at a minimum, the following information:

(1) The child day camp's name, address, and telephone number.

(2) The location of the first aid supplies.

(3) The current emergency telephone numbers for the emergency squad, the fire department, the hospital, the poison control center, the local public children's services agency and the police department.

(4) The names of camp staff trained to administer first aid and cardiac pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as required in rule 5101: 2-18-11 of the Administrative Code and the hours they are on the camp site.

(5) The location of children's records required by rule 5101:2-18-20 of the Administrative Code.

(6) General instructions to camp staff in case of emergency, including the supervision of children during the emergency.

(7) General instructions to camp staff in case of illness, accident or injury of children.

(8) Location of vehicle used for transportation and the location of the keys.

(D) The child day camp shall obtain written emergency transportation authorization from the parent or guardian on or before the first day of attendance for each child. The emergency transportation authorization shall include the signature of a parent or guardian granting consent to transport the child to a source of emergency medical care.



(E) The child's record as required by rule 5101: 2-18-20 of the Administrative Code shall be transported with the child to the source of emergency assistance.

(F) If the administrator or camp staff member accompanies a child to a source of emergency care, the administrator or camp staff member shall remain with the child until the child's parent or guardian assumes responsibility for the child's care.

(G) If an accident or injury occurs that requires professional medical treatment or involves a head injury, the camp shall prepare a report on a form that includes at least the following information:

(1) The name and address of the camp.

(2) Name and birth date of child.

(3) The date and time the incident occurred.

(4) The name(s) of the camp staff member(s) responsible for the child at the time of the incident.

(5) A summary of circumstances surrounding the incident.

(6) The name of any witness to the incident.

(7) Actions taken by the camp staff.

(8) The signature of the person who completed the form.

(H) Completed reports, as outlined in paragraph (G) of this rule, shall be on file at the camp for review by ODJFS. A copy of the report shall be given to the parent or guardian on the day of the incident.

Effective: 04/01/2009
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 11/26/2008 and 04/01/2014
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 5104.22
Rule Amplifies: 5104.22
Prior Effective Dates: 9/1/93