5101:2-33-70 Statewide automated child welfare information system (SACWIS).

(A) The Ohio department of job and family services shall establish and maintain the Ohio statewide automated child welfare information system (SACWIS) in accordance with the requirements of 42 USC 674(a)(3)(C) . Each of Ohio's eighty-eight counties shall adhere to a statewide SACWIS implementation schedule for the implementation and usage of SACWIS. Once SACWIS is implemented in a county, that county is no longer responsible for reporting children services information into the family and children services information system (FACSIS), in accordance with rule 5101:2-33-05 of the Administrative Code.

(B) All public children services agencies (PCSA) shall enter applicable children services information contained in this rule and/or which is required by federal or state statute, regulation, or rule. Agencies shall directly input the information into SACWIS.

(C) Each PCSA shall enter children services data into SACWIS including but not limited to:

(1) Person/family demographics and profile information;

(2) Intake and assessment/investigation including assessment tools;

(3) Case status information;

(4) Case plan, services, case review(s) and court activity information;

(5) Custody and placement information;

(6) Adoption information including recruitment activities, pre-adoptive staffing, or matching conference information;

(7) Provider record including homestudies, recruitment plans and events;

(8) Children services related agency administrative and training activities;

(9) Financial eligibility and re-determinations, record reimbursement information, and financial information to support accounts payable to counties and providers;

(10) Exchange data with support enforcement tracking system (SETS), medicaid management information system (MMIS), and client registry information system-enhanced (CRIS-E) to determine eligibility and the central accounting system (CAS) and auditor of state (AOS) to disburse payments;

(11) Data as required by section 479 of the Social Security Act ( 42 USC 679 ); 45 CFR parts 1355, 1356, and 1357 for the adoption and foster care analysis and reporting system (AFCARS); national child abuse, neglect, dependency system (NCANDS), child and family services reviews (CFSR), child protection and oversight evaluation (CPOE) system, and Multiethnic Placement Act of 1994 (MEPA), as amended by section 1808 of the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996, 42 USC 622(b)(9) , 42 USC 671(a)(18) , 42 USC 674(d) and 42 USC 1996(b) ;

(12) Any other data identified by the department as necessary to reflect current case, person, placement resource or licensing information, financial information or agency status.

(D) The PCSA shall enter and update information in SACWIS each work day or as information becomes available, pursuant to paragraphs (B) and (C) of this rule.

(E) Use of data in SACWIS shall be in compliance with rules 5101:2-33-21 and 5101:2-33-22 of the Administrative Code.

(F) Access to and use of data in SACWIS shall be limited to the extent necessary to carry out the child welfare program under Title IV-B of the Social Security Act, 81 Stat. 821 (1967) 42 USC 620 , as amended, and the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, 88 Stat. 4 (1974), 42 USC 5101 , as amended, and Title IV-E of the Social Security Act, 94 Stat. 501, 42 USC 670(1980) , as amended, and Title XX of the Social Security Act, 88 Stat. 2337 (1974), 42 USC 1397 , as amended.

(1) Personnel having access to SACWIS shall be limited to those persons who have been trained in the confidentiality requirements of SACWIS, who are informed of all penalties, who have been trained in security procedures, and who have signed the JFS 07078 "ODJFS Code of Responsibility for Security and Confidentiality of Data Rules" (rev. 4/2005).

(2) The PCSA shall monitor access to and use of SACWIS to prevent and promptly identify unauthorized use of SACWIS.

(3) The PCSA shall ensure that all personnel who may have access to or be required to use SACWIS are informed of applicable requirements and penalties and have been trained in security procedures.

(4) In addition to the criminal penalty provision listed in section 5101.99 of the Revised Code, the PCSA shall have administrative penalties, up to and including dismissal from employment, for unauthorized access to or disclosure or use of data in SACWIS.

(G) The department may issue sanctions in accordance with section 5101.24 of the Revised Code which may result in the withholding of state and/or federal funding, if the PCSA fails to enter required information described in paragraph (D) of this rule in SACWIS.

Effective: 01/29/2007
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 5101.134 .
Rule Amplifies: 5101.13 , 5101.131 , 5101.132 , 5101.133