Lawriter - OAC - 5101:4-3-33 Food assistance employment and training: job search and job readiness.

5101:4-3-33 Food assistance employment and training: job search and job readiness.

(A) What is job search?

Job search is a food assistance employment and training activity under which applicants and participants make contacts and look for possible employment. Job search may be done on an individual basis as established by the county agency pursuant to the time-frame set forth in paragraph (D) of this rule.

(B) What is job readiness?

Job readiness activities, or job search training, are food assistance employment and training activities designed to increase employability potential by ensuring that participants are becoming familiar with general workplace expectations and exhibit work behavior and attitudes necessary to compete successfully in the labor market. Various types of structured programs qualify, such as rehabilitation, counseling, job skills assessments, job clubs, training in techniques for employability, and job placement services.

(C) What are examples of job readiness activities?

Job readiness activities include, but are not limited to the following:

(1) Classroom instruction on the strategies and skills in job seeking.

(2) Supervised telephone job search activities.

(3) Job lead development and self-directed job search.

(4) Identifying and overcoming personal barriers to employment.

(5) Building self-confidence and self-promotion.

(6) Good grooming and dress techniques.

(7) Managing time, money and household budgets.

(8) Obtaining proper dependent care and supervision of dependents while working.

(9) Conducting self-assessments to determine employment options and training needs.

(10) Completing resumes, work histories, and application forms.

(11) Learning and using good interviewing techniques.

(12) Using resources such as the telephone, telephone directories, newspapers, internet, and friends and/or relatives.

(13) Contacting the individual who does the hiring.

(14) Maintaining good records of job search activities.

(15) Understanding employer expectations.

(16) Understanding unions, benefits, taxes, deductions, and hospitalization policies.

(17) Being prompt and punctual for work.

(18) Accepting supervision positively.

(19) Relating to other employees.

(20) Retaining the job as a step toward security and independence.

(D) What are the time limits for job search?

Job search shall be assigned for no more than thirty days following certification prior to making a workfare assignment. Job search may be assigned again later in the certification period if the county agency determines it necessary and the most suitable assignment for the individual. Job readiness is considered a workfare assignment and is an allowable assignment as long as the county agency determines it is directly enhancing the employability of the individual.

Replaces: 5101:4-3-33

Effective: 01/01/2013
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