5101:9 ODJFS Practices

Chapter 5101:9-1 Performance Standards

Chapter 5101:9-2 Civil Rights Requirements and Workforce Complaint Process

Chapter 5101:9-4 Acquistion and Procurement

Chapter 5101:9-5 Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program

Chapter 5101:9-6 Allocations

Chapter 5101:9-7 Costs and Financial Reporting and Reimbursement

Chapter 5101:9-8 Incentive Awards - Reporting Requirements

Chapter 5101:9-9 Federal Tax Return Information Safeguarding Procedures

Chapter 5101:9-10 Public Assistance Programs

Chapter 5101:9-14 Adult Social Services Programs

Chapter 5101:9-20 Accounting Practices

Chapter 5101:9-22 ODJFS Practices - Release of Information and Investigations

Chapter 5101:9-30 Reimbursement Costs

Chapter 5101:9-31 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Allocations

Chapter 5101:9-32 Food Stamps