5101:9-1-16.1 Joint county department of job and family services.

(A) As outlined in section 329.40 of the Revised Code, a board of county commissioners (BOCC), by entering into a written agreement, may form a joint county department of job and family services (CDJFS) to perform the duties, provide the services, and operate the programs required under this chapter.

(B) Each board of county commissioners entering into the agreement shall provide written notice of their intent to form a joint CDJFS to the director of the Ohio department of job and family services (ODJFS).

(1) Notification shall include a copy of the BOCC resolution of intent to form a joint CDJFS.

(2) The notification shall be received by ODJFS no less than ninety days before the agreement's effective date.

(3) The agreement shall take effect not earlier than the first day of the calendar quarter following the ninety-day notice period.

(C) The boards of county commissioners of the counties forming the joint county department shall collectively constitute the board of directors of the joint CDJFS.

(D) On the effective date of the agreement, the board of directors shall take control of and manage the joint county department subject to this chapter and all other sections of the Revised Code governing the authority and responsibilities of a single board of county commissioners in the operation of a single county department of job and family services.

(E) All rules, regulations and policies that govern a CDJFS shall also be applicable to a joint CDJFS.

Effective: 09/27/2012
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 5101.02
Rule Amplifies: 329.01, 329.02, 329.04, 329.40