5101:1 Division of Public Assistance

Chapter 5101:1-1 General Provisions.

Chapter 5101:1-2 Application Process; Verification.

Chapter 5101:1-3 Ohio Works First.

Chapter 5101:1-5 Disability Assistance (DA) Eligibility Requirements.

Chapter 5101:1-17 Residential State Supplement Program.

Chapter 5101:1-23 Income.

Chapter 5101:1-24 Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) Program.

Chapter 5101:1-25 Aid Payments.

Chapter 5101:1-29 Child Support Enforcement Agency; Title IV-D Cases.

Chapter 5101:1-30 Locating Absent Parents; Paternity Establishment; Garnishment and Withholding; Tax Refund Offsets.

Chapter 5101:1-31 Child Support Enforcement Agency: Administrative Rules.

Chapter 5101:1-32 Child Support Enforcement Agency: Administrative Process Relative to Paternity and Child Support Orders.

Chapter 5101:1-37 Medicaid: Presumptive Eligibility.

Chapter 5101:1-49 Quality Control Findings.