5101:1-2-15 Voter registration requirement.

(A) What is the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993? (1) The NVRA ( Public Law 103-31 ) establishes procedures to increase the number of eligible citizens who register to vote in elections for federal office.

(2) The NVRA requires each state to provide voter registration services at designated government agencies that provide public assistance. In Ohio, the designated agencies include the county departments of job and family services (CDJFS).

(B) What is the role of the CDJFS? The CDJFS shall do the following:

(1) In accordance with Public Law 103-31 and section 329.051 of the Revised Code, make voter registration applications available, as set forth in paragraph (B)(2) of this rule, to individuals applying for or in receipt of the following programs:

(a) Ohio works first;

(b) Disability financial assistance;

(c) Prevention, retention and contingency;

(d) Medical assistance; and (e) Food assistance.

(2) Provide the following forms with every application, reapplication or change of address:

(a) The JFS 07200-VR "Voter Registration Form" (07/2008) or the national mail voter registration application. The voter registration form shall be attached to all applications, and reapplication and change of address materials.

(b) The JFS 07217 "Voter Registration Notice of Rights and Declination"

(08/2009), the county-created equivalent form or the CRIS-E generated equivalent. If the CDJFS creates its own form, the questions and statements set forth in 42 U.S.C. 20, section 1973gg-5 (05/93) and section 3503.10 of the Revised Code must be on the form.

(i) Individuals who wish to register should check the "yes" box and individuals who do not wish to register should check the "no" box. Failure to check either box will be deemed a decision not to register to vote at that time.

(ii) The secretary of state does not require the submission of the notice of rights and declination form.

(iii) If an individual checks "no" on the notice of rights and declination form, but completes the voter registration form, the CDJFS shall send the form to the local county board of elections.

(iv) Information relating to a declination to register to vote in connection with an application made at the CDJFS may not be used for any purpose other than voter registration.

(3) Assist the individual in completing the voter registration forms, unless the individual refuses such assistance. Each individual shall be provided the same degree of assistance with completion of the voter registration form as is provided with the completion of any public assistance application form.

(4) Accept the completed voter registration form (regardless of whether the form was distributed by the CDJFS) for transmittal to the appropriate local county board of elections. Completed voter registration forms may be returned to the CDJFS in person or through another person. When voter registration forms are accepted, they shall be date stamped using a date stamp that will not disclose the identity of the CDJFS or if no such date stamp is available, the date may be written on the voter registration form.

(5) Transmit completed voter registration forms no later than five business days after the date of receipt by the CDJFS. The JFS 07218 "Voter Registration Transmittal" (08/2009) shall be used for this purpose.

(6) Maintain confidentiality in voter registration procedures. The identity of the CDJFS from which voter registration forms are received shall remain confidential except as required by the secretary of state for record-keeping purposes.

(7) Establish an internal procedure for collection of all voter registration forms. The internal procedure shall include the selection of a designated individual within the agency to serve as coordinator for all activities related to the voter registration program. The requirements of the coordinator are listed in paragraph (C) of this rule.

(C) What is the role of the CDJFS voter registration coordinator? The voter registration coordinator is responsible for administering all aspects of the voter registration program within the CDJFS and has the following specific responsibilities.

(1) Collect all voter registration forms.

(2) Transmit voter registration forms to the local county board of elections.

(3) Train all CDJFS employees who provide assistance in processing applications, reapplications, and changes of address with respect to the voter registration requirements:

(a) New CDJFS staff who have NVRA-related responsibilities shall receive training within the first month of their employment or before their first public contact, whichever occurs first;

(b) Current CDJFS employees shall receive training at least annually.

(c) Records of staff training shall be maintained by the CDJFS and provided to ODJFS upon request.

(4) Maintain an adequate supply of the applications and forms identified in paragraphs (B)(2)(a) and (B)(2)(b) of this rule.

(5) Monitor voter registration activities.

(6) Resolve questions and problems that arise, in coordination with state or county election officials.

(7) Administer all aspects of the voter registration program for the CDJFS as prescribed by the secretary of state.

(8) The coordinator shall receive no additional compensation for performing such duties.



Effective: 01/01/2010
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 01/01/2015
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 329.051
Rule Amplifies: 3503.10 , 5101.54 , 5107.05 , 5108.01 , 5115.05
Prior Effective Dates: 7/1/98, 11/1/02, 7/1/05, 7/1/07