5101:1-39-27 Medicaid: liquid assets as resources.

"Liquid assets" are those resources which are in cash or payable in cash upon demand. The total value of liquid assets is considered a countable resource and must be evaluated against the resource limitation.

(A) There is no sublimit upon liquid assets. A person may have liquid assets worth up to the resource limitation, i.e., one thousand five hundred dollars for an individual and two thousand two hundred fifty dollars for a person and his spouse.

(B) When the value of liquid assets is combined with all other countable resources and the resource limitation is exceeded, the individual or couple is not eligible for medicaid.

Replaces part of rule 5101:1-39-27; Eff 9-3-77; 2-1-79; 10-1-79; 1-3-80; 12-1-84 (Emer.); 2-10-85; 5-3-85 (Emer.); 8-1-85; 9-1-85 (Emer.); 11-25-85
Rule promulgated under: RC 111.15
Rule authorized by: RC 5111.02