5101:11-2-03 Procedures for council registration of programs and apprentices.

(A) Program registration.

(1) An organization seeking program registration shall provide the council with copies of its proposed standards. The council shall register the program if such standards meet the requirements of division 5101:11 of the Administrative Code.

(2) The council shall record every program registration.

(3) Any modification or change to a registered program shall be promptly submitted to the council and, if approved, shall be acknowledged and recorded as an amendment to such program.

(4) Where the standards, a collective bargaining agreement, or other instrument provide for a union to participate in operating a program, the program's registration shall be subject to that union's agreement or lack of objection, which shall be communicated to the council in writing. Where a union is the collective bargaining agent of the employee(s) to be trained, but is not expected to participate in operating the program, the sponsor shall provide the union a copy of its registration application and of its program standards and shall allow sixty days for receipt of union comments, if any, before submitting the registration application to the council. In the standards, the sponsor shall attest that this provision has been observed and relay any comment(s) received in the process.

(B) Apprentice registration.

(1) Each apprentice must be registered by means of a separate apprenticeship agreement. The council shall register the apprentice if such apprenticeship agreement meets the requirements of division 5101:11 of the Administrative Code.

(2) The agreement shall contain a reference incorporating the program standards.

(3) The council must be promptly notified of the cancellation, suspension, or termination of any apprenticeship agreement, with cause for same.

Effective: 06/06/2009
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