5101:2-12-16 Requirements for programming and equipment in licensed child care centers.

(A) The center shall provide, on a daily basis, a well balanced program of activities and opportunities for both quiet and active play suitable to the developmental levels and abilities of each child in care.

(B) A copy of the daily program schedule shall be posted in a conspicuous place. The department shall also observe this program for each age group.

(C) The center's program and environment shall:

(1) Include outdoor play each day except as limited by rule 5101:2-12-14 of the Administrative Code. The program shall provide an opportunity for indoor gross motor play such as, climbing, jumping, running, riding wheel toys, or music and movement on days when outdoor play is not provided.

(2) Provide durable furniture, such as tables and chairs, for the purpose of implementing the program. This furniture shall be child sized or safely adapted for use by children.

(3) Provide play materials to be used in the center's daily program. These materials shall be visible, readily accessible, and arranged in an orderly manner so that children have opportunities to select, remove, and replace play materials with a minimum of assistance and as the program's schedule allows.

(4) Provide opportunities for periods of child initiated activities such as, imaginative play, language development and creative activities.

(5) Provide a well supervised, quiet area that is inviting to children and is easily accessible to the child who seeks or needs time alone.

(D) The center shall ensure that equipment, materials, and furnishings provided for both indoor and outdoor play are sufficiently varied to meet the developmental needs of the children and in sufficient quantity for the total number of children the center is licensed to serve. The center shall have enough play materials and equipment so that, at any one time in the daily program and as the program's schedule allows, each child the center is licensed to serve can be actively involved in play with developmentally appropriate equipment or materials.

(E) Equipment and materials shall be available and representative of all of the following categories for each age group.

(1) Infant:

(a) Pretend or dramatic play materials.

(b) Language arts and auditory equipment.

(c) Sensory perceptual motor materials.

(d) Manipulative materials and equipment.

(e) Music equipment.

(f) Gross motor activities.

(g) Large blocks.

(h) Transportation toys.

(2) Toddler and preschool child:

(a) Art supplies.

(b) Blocks.

(c) Transportation toys.

(d) Language arts and auditory equipment and materials.

(e) Pretend or dramatic play materials.

(f) Gross motor equipment.

(g) Manipulative materials and equipment.

(h) Music equipment.

(i) Science and nature materials.

(j) Sensory motor equipment.

(3) School child:

(a) Art supplies.

(b) Manipulative materials and equipment.

(c) Sports and gross motor equipment.

(d) Science and nature materials.

(e) Language arts materials.

(f) Pretend or dramatic play material.

(g) Music equipment.

(h) Blocks.

(i) Transportation toys.

(F) The center shall designate an area where children can individually store their personal belongings. This area shall not block walkways or evacuation routes.

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