5101:2-12-38 Care of children with health conditions in licensed child care centers.

(A) If care is provided for a child who requires or may require a medical procedure or who has an ongoing health condition that requires child specific care, the parent/guardian shall complete the JFS 01236 "Medical/Physical Care Plan" (rev. 9/2011) or an equivalent form. The center staff shall implement the plan. This requirement does not include short term illnesses, unless the child care staff member needs to perform a medical procedure for the child.

(B) The plan shall be written, signed and dated by the parent or guardian. The plan shall also be signed and dated by the child care staff member taking responsibility, the center administrator and, if applicable, the certified professional who trained the center staff to perform medical procedures. The plan shall be readily accessible to the child care staff members caring for the child.

(C) The medical/physical care plan shall be written for each condition that requires different actions and shall include the following:

(1) The name of the child.

(2) Identification of and instructions for any necessary medical procedure to be performed.

(3) Symptoms of any condition that child care staff members need to be alert to and the actions to be taken by the child care staff member if the symptom is observed.

(4) The names of the child care staff members trained by the parent or guardian or certified professional to perform the medical procedures or to care for the child according to the child's JFS 01236.

(5) Parent or guardian permission statement for the performance of the medical procedures.

(6) A written individualized emergency preparedness plan, if the child requires more assistance than other children of the same age or in the same group or if they require special supplies in an emergency situation .

(D) The plan shall be revised at least annually, or more often, if necessary.

(E) The plan shall be on file at the center for review by the department.

(F) A child with a health condition includes a school age child whose medical condition requires the availability of emergency medication such as an inhaler or epi-pen. Center staff shall be notified of these children whose condition necessitates the carrying of these items.

(G) Only child care staff members trained by the parent or guardian or a certified professional shall be permitted to perform medical procedures.

(H) There shall be a trained child care staff member onsite at all times whenever a child who has a health condition is present. If the child with a health condition is taken on a routine or field trip there shall be a trained child care staff member who has any needed supplies with the child at all times.

Effective: 12/01/2011
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 08/09/2011 and 09/01/2016
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 5104.011
Rule Amplifies: 5104.011
Prior Effective Dates: 9/1/86, 1/2/92 (Emer.), 4/1/92, 4/1/03, 1/1/07