5101:2-13-36 First aid supplies/procedures for licensed type A homes.

(A) First aid supplies shall be readily available in a clean and clearly marked unlocked container and kept out of the reach of the children.

(1) The supplies shall include the following items:

(a) Rounded end scissors.

(b) Tweezers.

(c) Digital thermometer.

(d) Assorted sterile adhesive bandages individually packaged.

(e) Assorted sterile gauze squares individually packaged.

(f) Hypoallergenic first aid tape.

(g) Gauze rolled bandage.

(h) Instant cold pack (or ice).

(i) Disposable non-latex gloves.

(j) Pocket mask or face shield for CPR administration (appropriate for all ages served at the home).

(k) Working flashlight.

(l) Sealable plastic bags (assorted sizes) for soiled materials.

(m) Triangular bandage.

(n) Tooth preservation system or fresh chilled milk in which to transport a lost tooth, required only in programs which serve school-age children.

(2) In addition to the above items, on field trips and/or when in vehicles used for routine transportation, the following items are required:

(a) Soap or waterless sanitizer.

(b) Bottled water.

(3) The first aid kit shall contain a written reference indicating the location of the refrigerator/freezer where ice and milk are stored if an instant ice pack or tooth preservation system is not part of the first aid kit. All other supplies must be stored in the first aid kit. Items not stored in the first aid kit shall be taken with the kit whenever it is removed from the home.

(B) The type A home shall have supplies to practice standard precaution procedures, as outline in rule 5101:2-13- 15.1 of the Administrative Code.

(C) If the type A home first aid kit contains items other than those listed in this rule, the items must be clearly labeled as to whom they can be administered.

Effective: 12/01/2011
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Rule Amplifies: 5104.011
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