5101:2-14-08 Training requirements for licensed type B home provider.

(A) Each type B home provider shall complete the following trainings prior to being licensed. Each type B home employee shall complete the following trainings prior to being used to meet group size requirements:

(1) Health and safety curriculum approved by the Ohio department of job and family services (ODJFS), not more than six months prior to licensure.

(2) Successfully complete and maintain current certification in both first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Training shall be appropriate for all the ages of children in care.

(B) Once licensed, each type B home provider and employee shall:

(1) Complete or have current training in management of communicable disease and child abuse recognition and prevention by the end of the provisional license period.

(2) Maintain current certification in first aid and infant and child CPR.

(3) Complete six clock hours of training in any of the categories listed in "Appendix A" to this rule each year (including the provisional year). Once continuously licensed, two hours of this training each year must be in child growth and development.

(C) All trainings shall be provided by a trainer who meets the requirements listed in "Appendix B" to this rule.

(D) Audiovisual or electronic media training or self-instructional study may be used to meet the required six annual hours of training. These types of trainings in the areas of first aid, communicable disease or child abuse recognition and prevention may be taken only when approved by ODJFS.

(E) The type B home provider shall keep a record on file at the home of all training completed to meet the requirements of this rule. The training shall be documented on one of the following:

(1) The JFS 01924 "Inservice Training for Type B Home and In-Home Aide Child Care Providers" (rev. 8/2008).

(2) The JFS 01307 "Inservice Training for Child Care Employees of Child Care Centers and Type A Homes" (rev. 7/2010).

(3) Training cards issued by organizations approved by ODJFS for first aid, CPR, prevention, recognition and management of communicable diseases or child abuse recognition and prevention.

Replaces: 5101:2-14-13

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Effective: 01/01/2014
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