5101:2-14-15 Child records requirements for a licensed type B home provider.

(A) The licensed type B home provider shall have a completed JFS 01297 "Child Enrollment and Health Information" (rev. 8/2008) on file for each child in care by the first day of attendance.

(1) This form shall be reviewed at least annually by the caretaker and updated as needed when information changes. Caretakers shall initial and date the form when the information is reviewed or updated.

(2) Each provider shall set a policy regarding whether to provide child care services to children whose caretakers refuse to grant consent for transportation to the source of emergency treatment.

(3) The provider shall send the child's JFS 01297 with any child who is being transported for emergency assistance.

(B) The caretaker for each child in attendance shall secure and have on file verification of a medical examination. Children who attend a grade of kindergarten and above in an elementary school are exempt from this requirement.

(1) A medical statement shall include the date of a medical examination within the past twelve months. This statement shall be on file at the home within thirty days of the child's date of admission and every thirteen months thereafter.

(2) The medical statement shall contain the following information:

(a) The child's name and birth date.

(b) The date of the medical examination.

(c) A statement that the child has been examined and is in suitable condition for participation in group care.

(d) The signature, business address and telephone number of the physician, physician's assistant (PA), advanced practice nurse (APN) or certified nurse practitioner (CNP) who examined the child.

(e) A record of the immunizations that the child has had, specifying the month, day and year of each immunization.

(f) A statement that the physician, PA, APN or CNP reviewed the child's record against the immunizations recommended by the Ohio department of health (ODH). ODH recommended immunization schedule is "Appendix A" to this rule.

(g) A statement of any immunization exemptions.

(C) If a special need or health condition is known or suspected, the provider shall require the caretaker to complete the JFS 01928 "Medical/Physical Care Plan" (rev. 1/2014). The provider shall review the information, assure that he or she understands the plan, receive training if required, have the form signed as needed and maintain a copy in the child's file.

(1) The plan shall be reviewed by the caretaker at least annually and updated as needed.

(2) The plan shall be on file with the provider by the first day of attendance or upon confirmation of a special need or health condition.

(3) If the provider suspects that a child has a special need or health condition, the provider can require a physician's statement within a designated timeframe.

(D) The provider, emergency caregiver, substitute caregiver, and employee shall be trained by a caretaker or certified professional before being permitted to perform medical procedures or other action needed for a health condition or special need.

(E) The provider shall maintain a current copy of the completed JFS 01297 for each child in care and a current JFS 01928 for any child who requires one, in a location that can be easily and quickly accessed and removed from the home if there is an emergency that requires the children to be moved to another location.

(F) The child's records shall be confidential and shall be disclosed only to the CDJFS or ODJFS, the child care provider, or to a person who has written authorization from the caretaker. The JFS 01297 may be disclosed in an emergency or substitute situation to the emergency or substitute caregiver, or to a health professional administering emergency care to the child.

(G) The provider shall set his or her own policy regarding whether or not he or she will administer medication. Only the provider, emergency caregiver, substitute caregiver or employee may administer medications and shall follow the requirements listed in "Appendix B" to this rule, including the storage of medication.

(H) Any medication errors that occur shall be documented on the JFS 01299 "Incident/Injury Report" (rev/6/2007). A medication error includes an error in:

(1) The individual to whom it was administered.

(2) The medication that was administered.

(3) The dosage of medication administered.

(4) The time the medication was administered.

(5) The method by which the medication was administered.

Replaces: 5101:2-14-26, 5101:2-14-27, 5101:2-14-31

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Effective: 01/01/2014
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