5101:2-18-01 Definitions for registered and approved child day camps.

(A) "Child day camp" means a program in which only school children, as defined in this rule, attend or participate. The child day camp's program shall meet the following requirements:

(1) The child day camp shall offer a program that operates no longer than seven hours per day. The seven hours do not include transportation time from a child's home to the child day camp and from a child day camp to a child's home, and does not include transportation to and from pick-up and drop-off sites which are not the child's home.

(a) The program may schedule one or more overnight activities in conjunction with its child day camp operation.

(b) The child day camp may serve children for more than twenty-four consecutive hours while also serving school children who attend seven or fewer hours per day.

(2) The child day camp shall operate only during one or more public school district's regular vacation periods or for no more than fifteen weeks during the summer.

(3) The child day camp shall operate outdoor activities for all children who participate in the program for a minimum of fifty per cent of each day that children attend or participate in the program, except for any day when hazardous weather conditions prevent the program from operating outdoor activities for a minimum of fifty per cent of that day.

(B) "Approved child day camp" means a child day camp that is approved to enter into a provider agreement to provide publicly funded child care pursuant to rule 5101:2-16-44 of the Administrative Code. Approved child day camps shall meet one of the following requirements:

(1) Be accredited by the American camp association (ACA).

(2) Be accredited by any nationally recognized organization that accredits child day camps by using standards that the Ohio department of job and family services has determined are substantially similar and comparable to those of the ACA.

(C) "Child day camp administrator" means the individual who holds overall responsibility for administration of the child day camp. These responsibilities may be delegated to other staff when appropriate.

(D) "Child day camp owner" includes a person, firm, organization, institution, or agency who operates a child day camp.

(E) "Hazardous weather conditions" means winds of twenty miles per hour or greater, continuous or heavy rain, hail, extreme temperatures, lightning or tornado warnings or watches within a twenty mile radius of a child day camp activity site.

(F) "Operate a child day camp" means to operate, establish, manage, conduct, or maintain a child day camp.

(G) "School child" means a child who is enrolled in or is eligible to be enrolled in a grade of kindergarten or above and who is less than fifteen years old.

Effective: 07/20/2014
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