Lawriter - OAC - 5101:4-3-35 Food assistance employment and training: education and training activities.

5101:4-3-35 Food assistance employment and training: education and training activities.

(A) What types of education activities may be provided to food assistance employment and training participants?

(1) Basic education; and

(2) Vocational education.

(B) What is the goal of basic education?

The goal of basic education is to provide individuals with a literacy level and basic skills that will lead to employment. Basic education may be provided to individuals who do not possess basic literacy skills whether or not they have obtained a high school diploma or equivalent education. Basic education includes high school or equivalent education, remedial education, adult basic education, basic literacy education, and education for an individual with limited english proficiency.

(C) What are the county agency's responsibilities for tracking the progress of an individual engaged in basic education activities?

The county agency shall document the progress of the participant assigned to basic education in conjunction with the service provider. In order to remain assigned to the activity, an individual shall be expected to make "satisfactory progress" which shall be defined as progressing the equivalent of two grade levels each year of participation. An individual who is unable to make satisfactory progress shall be reassessed to determine if the assignment should continue. Assignment to this activity shall be based on the goal of obtaining employment.

(D) What is the goal of vocational education?

The goal of vocational education is to assist individuals in obtaining useful employment in a recognized occupation. Vocational education may include: occupational training in technical job skills and equivalent knowledge and abilities in a specific occupational area; post-secondary education; and training offered by other entities such as public secondary schools and public and private entities. For the vocational and post secondary education components Ohio has aligned the allowable food assistance employment and training programs with the workforce investment act (WIA) approved programs. A listing of these programs can be found by accessing the following website:

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