5120-11-20 Requirements for parole supervision.

(A) A parolee released from intermediate transitional detention, pursuant to rule 5120-11-19 of the Administrative Code, shall serve a term of mandatory supervised release during which time the parolee shall be under supervision, which may be intensive supervision, by the adult parole authority for the remainder of his definite or minimum sentence, and may be under supervision by the adult parole authority until the expiration of the maximum term of his indefinite sentence.

This rule does not apply to a prisoner sentenced to a prison term for an offense committed on or after July 1, 1996.

(B) Upon release to parole supervision, the adult parole authority will assist the parolee to commence or continue to participate in self-enhancement programs which began in either the ninety-day imprisonment phase or the intermediate transitional detention phase of the shock incarceration program. The adult parole authority will utilize available resources in the community to assist parolees in their rehabilitative efforts. The rehabilitative concerns of the adult parole authority may address programming activities which include, but are not limited to:

(1) At least twenty hours per week dedicated to seeking employment. Parolees should register with the local Ohio bureau of employment services within three days of their parole release and should visit the employment service weekly to review available positions or utilize other recommended resources in seeking employment, until employment is secured;

(2) Educational and vocational training;

(3) Public service or volunteer work within the community;

(4) Providing resources are available, substance abuse support services or treatment should be required for any parolee meeting any of the following criteria:

(a) Having a history of substance abuse;

(b) Having been convicted of a drug related offense; or

(c) Testing positive for substance abuse during parole supervision.

(5) Providing resources are available, the supervising parole officer should arrange for substance abuse testing at least once a month for the initial six months of supervision and thereafter at least once every three months if the parole has no positive tests. If the parolee has a positive test and has been placed in substance abuse treatment programming, the supervising officer should test him at least once or twice a week until the parolee successfully completes the treatment program.

(C) The parole supervision section of the adult parole authority shall require the parolee to comply with conditions of release in accordance with rule 5120-11-14 of the Administrative Code except paragraph (B)(8) of that rule. A parolee who, in the judgment of the adult parole authority, has violated any of these conditions, may be declared a parole violator and shall be subject to the provisions of section 2967.15 of the Revised Code. The procedures to be followed by the adult parole authority when a parolee is arrested and detained are set forth in rule 5120-11-15 of the Administrative Code.

(D) Upon the expiration of a parolee's definitive sentence the chief of the adult parole authority shall terminate his participation in the program and issue to him a certificate of expiration or definite sentence, subject to the provisions of section 5120.031 of the Revised Code as it existed prior to July 1, 1996.

(E) If the minimum term of a parolee's indefinite sentence has expired and he has obeyed the rules, terms, and conditions of parole that apply to him, the chief of the adult parole authority, on or after the date of expiration and upon the recommendation of the superintendent of parole supervision, may subject to the provisions of section 5120.031 of the Revised Code as it existed prior to July 1, 1996, terminate his participation in the program and enter upon its minutes a final release and issue to the parolee a certificate of final release, except that the chief of the authority shall not issue a certificate of final release any later than the date on which the maximum term of the indefinite sentence expires.

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Statutory Authority: 5120.01, 5120.42, 5149.02, 5120.031
Rule Amplifies: 5120.031 , 2967.15
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