Lawriter - OAC - 5120-3-01 Definitions.

5120-3-01 Definitions.

(A) A "work program" is:

(1) Any shop, department, work detail or labor assignment under the direction of the department of rehabilitation and correction, established for the purpose of industrial or agricultural production, or for the maintenance and operation of the institution or the department;

(2) Any work detail created by contract with the state of Ohio, the political subdivisions of the state and the public institutions of the state; or

(3) Any training, apprenticeship or educational assignment approved by the department of rehabilitation and correction.

(B) Inmate labor opportunities and job assignments fall within the following categories:

(1) "Inmate labor assignment" means any work assignment for which an inmate is responsible, not including educational and vocational training.

(2) "Private employment" may include programs, work release programs or private employment inside an institution.

(3) "OPI assignments" include any labor performed under the supervision of Ohio penal industries (hereinafter referred to in this chapter as "OPI") employees, in the shops equipped by OPI or pursuant to any written or unwritten agreement of OPI and any governmental agency or private person or business entity. "OPI assignments" may include labor performed outside of an institution authorized as a "special labor release" pursuant to rule 5120-3-07 of the Administrative Code.

(4) "Work program assignments" is an assignment of duties within a work program which include all types of inmate labor not otherwise specified in this paragraph, whether it is related to the physical operation or located on the property of the institution, including special labor assignments authorized under rule 5120-3-07 of the Administrative Code.

(C) The "work program assignment committee" is any committee so designated by the managing officer of the institution, which committee shall be responsible for the initial assignment of inmates to work programs. This committee may also be referred to as "WPAC," and shall be responsible for reviewing and deciding all proposed changes in work program assignments for the institution.

(D) A "table of organization" is a fixed number of permanent work assignments based on the requirements of each program in an institution. Each institution shall have a written table of organization as established by the chief of industries or designee. This table of organization may change periodically, with the approval of the managing officer, as production requirements and programming needs change.

(E) A "full-time assignment" shall not be less than one hundred forty hours per month.

(F) A "part time" or "temporary assignment" shall include only those hours necessary to complete the assignment.

(G) A "job grade" refers to the skill or responsibility level required of a particular full-time work assignment. Job grades include:

(1) "Apprenticeship assignments," which are those assignments that exceed the established table of organization and that offer a period of training while awaiting a full-time assignment;

(2) "General labor assignments," which include jobs requiring a low level of skill, limited use of tools and minimal training or experience;

(3) "Semi-skilled assignments," which include those jobs requiring some training or experience, operation of nontechnical equipment or machinery, serving as a helper or relief for a skilled worker, or a medium degree of responsibility; or

(4) "Skilled assignments," which include those jobs requiring a high degree of training or experience, operation of complex equipment or machinery, repair of complex equipment or machinery, or other highly responsible duties.

(H) A "job coordinator" is an individual designated by the managing officer of each institution, whose function is to facilitate the implementation of this chapter of the Administrative Code.

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