Lawriter - OAC - 5120-5-09 Employees' housing.

5120-5-09 Employees' housing.

(A) General: The department of rehabilitation and correction may make certain housing facilities available for the use of institutional and departmental personnel who are officially assigned to or on duty at the various institutions. "Housing facilities" are defined as houses, apartments, or rooms, furnished or unfurnished, which are used for permanent or temporary dwellings.

(B) Rules and regulations governing housing: Managing officers shall be responsible for the housing program within the institution under their jurisdiction, shall issue regulations governing the assignment of quarters, the conduct of tenants of such quarters, and for the care of such quarters. Regulations issued by the institution shall not be in conflict with the general rules and regulations outlined below.

(1) No person may demand quarters as a matter of right or a condition of employment. Managing officers may determine whether an employee shall occupy quarters and may order that an employee vacate quarters.

(2) If occupancy of any rental unit drops to a point that annual rental income is lower than operating and maintenance expense, efforts shall be made to utilize the space for purposes other than employee housing.

(3) All housing accommodations, including garages, shall be identified by name or number, or both, and type of facility.

(4) Lessee can contract with a certified or licensed professional for alterations, repairs or changes to plumbing, electrical wiring, wall finishes, etc. All maintenance work shall be approved by the staff member responsible for housing maintenance, prior to action by the maintenance department, and shall be in conformance with state and local fire regulations and inspection requirements. All remodeling or major repairs must have prior approval by the division of business administration.

(5) The institution shall provide the necessary maintenance service to maintain rental quarters in good repair within the scope of funds available.

(6) The cost of utilities for houses and apartments, including outside telephone service, will be borne by the tenant. Where outside services are furnished, payment will be made by the tenant to the utility company. Where services are furnished by the institution, a reasonable cost will be determined by the department of rehabilitation and correction and added to rent for payroll deduction. Where utilities are furnished by the institution at a fixed charge, the employee tenants are expected to use prudent economy in the use thereof. Failure to comply shall be cause for removal from quarters. Superintendents shall take appropriate action where excessive utility costs are incurred or wasteful practices are observed.

(7) An apartment or single room may be shared by two institutional employees with the approval of the superintendent, in which case the payroll deduction may be made from the salary of either of the occupants. An apartment, house, or single room shall not be shared by an institutional employee and another person (non-employee) unless such person is the spouse, minor child, or dependent relative of such institutional employee.

(8) An inventory shall be taken each time that a furnished or semifurnished unit is rented and a copy of the inventory provided to the tenant. When a tenant vacates the property the inventory shall be checked to note any missing or damaged items. A perpetual inventory record of all state-owned property in each rental unit shall be maintained in the business office.

(9) Employee tenants will be responsible for replacement of any items not properly accounted for, and for repair or replacement of state-owned property damaged through actions of the tenant or resident members of his/her family, and pets.

(10) Linen or laundry services shall not be furnished for any house, apartment, or room with the exception of transient quarters.

(11) Employees shall not be assigned to perform domestic work in rooms, houses, and apartments, or grounds maintenance. The superintendent may assign or authorize inmates to perform occasional outside grounds maintenance or property maintenance under the direct supervision of appropriate employee.

(12) A staff member shall be designated by the superintendent to conduct annual inspections of all housing facilities to ascertain the general condition of the facilities and compliance with fire, housekeeping, and safety regulations. A report of inspection shall be made to the superintendent.

(13) Pets shall be kept under control at all times. Dogs and cats may be permitted by specific permission of the superintendent only in individual family dwellings. Horses, cattle and other livestock are not considered as pets for this purpose and shall not be permitted on rental property.

(14) Cooking shall not be permitted in rental units not provided with kitchen facilities.

(15) Employees and non-employees may share the same room at the corrections training academy.

(C) Rental rates.

(1) The chief of the division of business administration, with the approval of the director, shall issue periodically a rental rate schedule establishing the rental rates and utility rates to be charged for the various types of employee rental property.

(2) Rent shall be paid biweekly, in advance, by payroll deduction. Cash or checks collected from transient guests shall be forwarded weekly to the division of business administration for deposit to the property receipts fund.

(3) The rental charges designated for a particular housing unit are based upon the type of housing provided and shall be charged to any person occupying said quarters.

(4) Garage rental rates shall apply to any garage or parking facility not attached or considered part of a dwelling.

(5) Any exception to the rental rates outlined in this policy must be approved by the division of business administration.

(D) Inspection and review of housing: An inspection and review of the rental units at all institutions shall be made annually by a representative of the division of business administration, or designee, and at any other time by order of the director.

Effective: 05/23/2014
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