Lawriter - OAC - 5120:1-3-07 Independent housing licensing standards.

5120:1-3-07 Independent housing licensing standards.

(A) The licensed agency shall have a policy and procedure/operation manual that is accessible to all employees and volunteers. The manual shall include:

(1) Fiscal management;

(2) Personnel;

(3) Intake;

(4) Housing support services;

(5) Resident rules and regulations, which shall be readily available to all residents;

(6) Resident grievance and appeal process policy; and

(7) Resident case records.

(B) The licensed agency shall meet all legal requirements of the governmental jurisdiction in which the licensed agency is located. The documentation for this standard shall include copies of all annual local licensing and inspection certificates indicating conformance to all local fire, health, building, and zoning regulations.

(C) The licensed agency shall implement a housekeeping and maintenance plan and the facility shall be clean and in good repair.

(D) The licensed agency shall correctly complete and enter all required intake/termination fields on the management information system authorized by the department of rehabilitation and correction (community corrections information system: CCIS-Web) within fourteen days after intake and termination.

(E) The licensed agency shall notify the offender of available housing support services.

(F) The licensed agency shall establish a staffing pattern that ensures that staff will be available to assist and monitor offenders as needed.

(G) The licensed agency shall establish a means of limiting ingress into the facility.

(H) The licensed agency shall have written emergency plans that are received and updated annually. Plans shall be communicated to all employees and residents and be conspicuously posted in the facility. Emergency fire and disaster drills shall be conducted on a regular basis and documented.

(I) Any unusual incidents shall be reported to the assistant chief or designee of community residential services and the supervising authority within twenty-four hours or the next business day after the incident. A copy of the incident report shall be maintained in the resident record.

(J) The licensed agency shall maintain the following records for each offender residing in the facility:

(1) Intake and termination forms;

(2) A signed copy of resident rules and regulations;

(3) Referral forms;

(4) Case management notes as appropriate;

(5) Unusual incident reports as appropriate; and

(6) Grievance forms.

(K) The licensed agency shall be a legal entity or part of a legal entity according to the provisions of Chapter 1702. of the Revised Code. The agency shall have a copy of the following items:

(1) Articles of incorporation or constitution;

(2) By-laws;

(3) Federal tax identification number; and

(4) A current list of the board of directors, their occupations, and addresses.

(L) The licensed agency shall implement procedures to ensure that all prospective employees and volunteers obtain a local police criminal record check and provide this information to the licensed agency prior to beginning employment. The retention of an employee or use of a volunteer shall be contingent upon a statewide criminal record check being completed within ninety days after the date of hire. The agency director shall review all record check results to determine compliance with agency hiring practices. All record checks shall be maintained in the employee's personnel file.

(M) The licensed agency shall implement a policy and procedure that prohibits any offender from being assigned to a position of authority over any other offender. Prohibited assignments include, but are not limited to, performing or assisting in any security duties or providing offender services such as commissary or telephone calls.

Replaces: 5120:1-3-07

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 01/04/2011 and 01/04/2016
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Statutory Authority: 5120.01, 2967.14, 2967.26
Rule Amplifies: 2967.14, 2967.26
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