Lawriter - OAC - 5120:1-8-10 Food service.

5120:1-8-10 Food service.

(A) (Essential) There shall be documentation that the food service operation complies with the regulations of the local or state health department.

(B) (Essential) Inmates shall be served a minimum of three meals daily at regularly scheduled intervals, not to exceed fourteen hours between meals. Inmates can be served a minimum of two meals daily at regularly scheduled intervals, not to exceed fourteen hours between meals, on weekends, state holidays and during emergencies.

(C) (Essential) Menu cycles and contents shall be evaluated and approved annually by a licensed nutritionist or registered dietitian or registered dietitian nutritionist.

(D) (Important) Records of food items served at meals shall be maintained pursuant to the jail's record retention schedule.

(E) (Essential) The jail shall make provisions for modified diets by physician's order or to accommodate the mandatory dietary requirements of a recognized religion practiced by the inmate.

(F) (Essential) All persons involved in the preparation of food shall receive a pre-assignment medical examination and annual re-examinations.

(G) The jail shall institute policies and procedures that require :

(1) (Essential) All food handlers are instructed to wash their hands upon reporting for kitchen duty, after restroom breaks and/or after handling unsanitary items .

(2) (Essential) The food services manager or designee is responsible for a healthy and sanitary kitchen environment and shall immediately address any health or cleanliness issues with kitchen staff or inmate workers.

Effective: 04/20/2014
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