5122 Department of Mental Health - Administration and Director

Chapter 5122-1 General Provisions.

Chapter 5122-2 Grievances; Death; Psychotropic Medication; Etc.

Chapter 5122-3 Electroconvulsive Therapy; Incident Reporting; Patient Abuse/Neglect; Etc.

Chapter 5122-7 Client Services; Personnel.

Chapter 5122-9 Management of Funds.

Chapter 5122-14 Licensing of Psychiatric Hospitals and Units.

Chapter 5122-21 Preadmission Screening and Annual Review.

Chapter 5122-22 Supplemental Services Fund.

Chapter 5122-24 Certification Definitions.

Chapter 5122-25 Certification.

Chapter 5122-26 Policies and Procedures for the Operation of Mental Health Services Agencies.

Chapter 5122-27 Minimum Requirements for Integrated Clinical Records.

Chapter 5122-28 Quality Assurance Activities, Service Evaluation Activities, and Research Activities.

Chapter 5122-29 Requirements and Procedures for Mental Health Services Provided by Agencies.

Chapter 5122-30 Licensing of Residential Facilities.

Chapter 5122-31 Accountability of Boards and Agencies for Mental Health Patients in Other Programs and Facilities.

Chapter 5122-32 Designated Forensic Evaluation Centers.

Chapter 5122-33 Adult Care Facilities.

Chapter 5122-34 Physician Loan Repayment.

Chapter 5122-35 Adult Foster Homes.

Chapter 5122-36 Residential State Supplement Program.